Featured: Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

NEIGHBOURHOOD is a bar and secret garden, (although not so secret now) after being voted Brighton’s best outdoor space and being lauded as ‘one of the top 16 bars in the UK you have to visit before you die’, great praise indeed but well deserved.

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This two floored venue is always in a constant flux of improvement, recently having had a refit, and making the effort to introduce a new look to their garden for every summer season. It’s a truly individual bar with old style paintings, curios and graffiti art covering the walls. This and the friendly atmosphere, full of Brighton’s coolest, creates a great place for all occasions.

neighbourhood absolute brighton

The garden definitely needs a special mention. It’s south facing (perfect for basking in the sun), there is plenty of foliage and palm trees and the area is decked out in vintage fabric’s. You wouldn’t believe this style of pub garden existed in Brighton and yet there it is. A 100 ft’ oasis and the perfect spot for a gourmet breakfast, or to while away the afternoon with a cold drink in hand. They have recently introduced a new food menu alongside an extensive cocktail menu.

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These guys are really passionate about their comfort food serving a modern twist on an Americana diner vibe and using the best locally sourced ingredients. Burgers are the mainstay of the menu, while taco’s have just been introduced and the hash range extended (try a 3 little piggies hash as there is nothing like it in Brighton!) They have also added lots more veggie and vegan options. Like we said these guys are very passionate about their ‘beer food’ as they call it and with an extensive selection of craft beer on offer we can see why they call it that.

While a lot of new pretenders are hyped up, NEIGHBOURHOOD quietly goes about doing it’s thing, and do it well, it does. ‘Big Meat Boutique’ on every Tuesday means you can go try a ‘hood burger’ for only £4 and a new night launched on the 12th of May called ‘Cock’s and Chicks’ which has already become hugely popular, ensuring simple fried chicken gets a serious gourmet make over, served with sumptuous cocktails.

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The daytime garden parties throughout the summer months are always guaranteed to be fun (this is the sort of place that you make new friends!), as everyone there is out to enjoy themselves. This is a no attitude establishment.

Coming soon you will be able to order neighbourhood to your home with dinners2go … well, all be it the food at least.

Neighbourhood – 101 St James Street BN2 1TP