Everything You Need to Know About Online Slots

There is so much information available about online slots, but what are the most important things you need to know about slots if you are considering playing?

Find below some of the most important facts you need to know if you want to not only win at online slots at Slots UK but also want to enjoy playing.

Most Online Slot Machines Have a Return to Player (RTP) Rate of 90%
This means that you are likely to win back 90% of the money that you have bet over time.

Knowing how much money you can win is very important to players, as we assume you don’t want to just lose money (no matter how fun the slot is to play). It is quite interesting then, to know that the majority of online slot machines have a RTP of 90%+ (some even reach 98%). This is largely due to the competitive nature of the online gambling industry.

You Cannot Trick the Machine 
This is probably the most common misconception regarding online slots. People believe that there has to be a way in which you can beat the machine. This is particularly with regards to mechanical slot machines. Some believed if you pull the lever in a specific way or warm up the coins before throwing them into the slot, it would increase your chances of winning.

With online slots it is even less likely, most probably impossible to trick the machine, as all you can do is push a button and wait for the outcome. There are no levers to be pulled or coins to slip into the slot.

What you should know is that the reels that are displayed are determined by a Random Number Generator system, which means that there is no pattern. Wins occur randomly.

There Is No Such Thing as a Due Jackpot

You would be amazed at how many people actually believe that there is such a thing as hot and cold slot machines. Hot slots refer to slot machines that pay out more often than others, while cold slots rarely pay out. This implies that a slot machine can not only track how many jackpots were paid out, but also when the last one was paid out, leading to it becoming either hot or cold.

So just because someone just won the jackpot at a specific slot, does not mean that you cannot win the jackpot with the very next spin. Each spin is completely independent of the next.

Symbols You Need to Look for
Three features to look for when you want to try a new slot are Scatters, Multipliers and Wilds.

Scatters indicate that a slot has a bonus feature. Three or more triggers a bonus game, which is where you will win the biggest rewards possible for that specific slot. Multipliers, as the name suggests multiplies your wins. They can be available during the normal game or only in the bonus games. It just depends on the slot machine you are playing. Lastly there is the Wild. The Wild can typically replace any regular symbol in a winning combination.