Exmoor Distillery – Northmoor Navy Strength Gin Crafted in the Countryside and Infused with Passion

Exmoor Distillery – Northmoor Navy Strength Gin Crafted in the Countryside and Infused with Passion

After many months of experimenting to find Exmoor Distillery’s first unique recipe for Northmoor Gin, Head Distiller John Smith wasted no time in developing the next product, Northmoor Navy Strength Gin.

Nestled amongst the steep wooded valleys in the idyllic Somerset countryside, the young distillery is run by husband and wife team, John and Nicola. It’s here that the true essence of Exmoor has been captured in the distillery’s two Northmoor Gin variations – the classic and the most recently launched Navy Strength Gin.

Speaking of his latest creation, John said: “I’ve always been interested in distilling and couldn’t wait to get started on a Navy Strength recipe of the Northmoor Gin. Navy Strength Gin has such a fascinating story behind it which makes the whole experience from distillery to glass more exciting.”

Navy Strength Gins have become an ever increasingly popular choice for gin lovers, the term ‘navy strength’ originates from the 18th century when the British naval fleet, accustomed to stocking gin aboard for medicinal purposes, would test the strength of the gin by seeing if gunpowder would still ignite if soaked in the spirit . Only if the gunpowder lit was the gin 100% proven (the origin of the term 100 proof) or as we know it today, 57% ABV and then allowed on board.

John adds: “Navy Strength Gin has become a growing trend and really does separate the occasional gin drinker from the serious gin connoisseur. The strength of the gin gives it a unique taste and with every sip you get the full flavour.”

The Northmoor Navy Strength Gin has been crafted to deliver the same quality, punchy flavour and smooth taste associated with the classic that is loved by many but has an entirely new taste profile due to the careful selection of quality botanicals.

This feisty gin clocks in at 57% ABV, like most navy strength gins, and packs an authentic taste sensation, infusing traditional juniper berries with twelve carefully considered and chosen botanicals including coriander, angelica root, lemon, cinnamon, sweet orange, elderberries, cardamom amongst others.

The Northmoor Navy Strength has a wholesome earthy flavour with piney juniper, warming spices, herbaceous undertones, with sweet citrus oil appearing on the finish. Hand-picked and foraged by collectors in many different countries, only the very finest berries and botanicals are sourced for Exmoor Distillery’s gin collection.

Mixed with tonic, this gin comes alive to produce a mighty G&T with wonderful citrus notes that lingers on the palate and works wonderfully as the premium ingredient in a gin-based cocktail.

The distillery’s second creation, Northmoor Navy Strength Gin, joins the success of the couple’s first handcrafted gin – the Northmoor Classic Gin which are both available online direct from the distillery and in over 200 restaurants, bars and gastro pubs with an ever increasing list of outlets.

With John’s passion for crafting and Nicola’s experience of running businesses, Exmoor Distillery has quickly become known as a leading small-batch artisan gin distillery since its launch in July 2018.

Made in the artisan distillery, each bottle of Northmoor Gin is carefully bottled and labelled in house. John explains: “by doing everything we possibly can in house it allows us to maintain complete control of the quality of our product and guarantees consistency from batch to batch”.

The bottle design features an elegant stag emblem, a nod to Exmoor’s heritage, and the whole branding creative is inspired by and reflective of the home of the distillery in Exmoor.

Northmoor Navy Strength Gin 57% ABV. RRP: £45.00 (70cl) £25.90 (35cl). You can buy Northmoor Navy Strength Gin straight from the source at https://www.exmoordistillery.co.uk/.