First Base welcomes back historic Mighell Street to Edward Street Quarter

First Base welcomes back historic Mighell Street to Edward Street Quarter

Property developer First Base is reinstating historic Mighell Street and marking the entrance with a public art gateway which will welcome visitors to Brighton’s newest neighbourhood Edward Street Quarter.

The majority of Victorian Mighell Street was demolished in the 1970s and only a small section of the original road remains.

The new gateway will be designed by a local artist and restore pedestrian access along this historic street.

Steve Eccles, Project Director at First Base, said: “We’re so excited about this sculptural gateway and about restoring the lost part of Mighell Street which was once part of the fabric of Victorian Brighton.

“It’s very important for new developments to have a sense of place about them and to have links with the local area. We hope that restoring memories of Mighell Street will bring joy to local residents. Apart from two listed buildings, the rest of Mighell Street was demolished in the 1970s, so it’s great to see this thoroughfare make a comeback and to celebrate its return with a sculptural gateway.”

Mighell Street was formerly known as Richmond Road. It was named after Philip Mighell, who was a local landowner at the end of the 18th century.

The public art gateway is one of two areas designated for public art at Edward Street Quarter, based on the site of the former Amex House. The re-opened Mighell Street will join Edward Street and Carlton Hill.

Artists have been expressing their interest and their submissions will be judged by a steering panel. A shortlist of three will be announced and artists required to develop their ideas further for presentation before a winner is announced on 5th March.

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