First Vegan Protein Powder To Launch In Paper Bags

First Vegan Protein Powder To Launch In Paper Bags

Vitally Vegan has taken the first steps to launch a plant-based protein powder in paper bags, instead of the dreaded plastic pouches that swamp the industry. The concept behind ditching the plastic pouches was to provide a glass jar for life to keep your protein powder in, once you start to run low, you can order a paper bag refill, this can be recycled or thrown into your compost, thus eliminating all the excess waste from using plastic pouches.

They’ve replaced those little plastic scoops with a beautiful scoop made from recycled coconut husks too, which you receive along with your jar in your starter kit.

Victoria Zoutewelle (Founder)

The concept behind Vitally Vegan was to produce a brand with an utterly ecofriendly product that would not harm anything or anyone and to provide a highly nutritious supplement to be added to your breakfast whether it be porridge, pancakes or your post-workout smoothie.


Is to inspire respect for the planet and its inhabitants through sustainable and healthy products. Vitally Vegan produce plant-based protein formulas with added superfoods and is enriched with vitamin B12.

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