Fisherman’s Cove Resort…your key to the ultimate Seychelles adventure

Fisherman’s Cove Resort…your key to the ultimate Seychelles adventure

By Glynn Burridge

The Seychelles archipelago’s 115 islands are situated 1600 km from the east coast of Africa. They are divided into 41 steep, granitic islands and 74 flat coralline reef islands and atolls of which only 16 currently offer accommodation for visitors. They lie spread across their secret corner of the western Indian Ocean like precious gemstones set in a universe of azure water – stepping stones to the east coast of Africa, some thousand miles away, and natural gateway to the many treasures of the continent beyond. Only 2 centuries old, Seychelles has always been a melting pot of peoples from every corner of the planet who, together, form today’s tranquil yet vibrant 90,000-strong Seychellois Creole society, the vast majority of whom are catholic.

These islands were first discovered by the brave Arab mariners of the 9th century B.C. who first began to chart the unknown waters of an ocean they called the ‘bahr al zanj’’ or ‘sea of the blacks’, leaving traces of their presence in the names they gave to certain of the islands such as Aldabra which is sometimes appropriately translated from Arabic as ‘the rock.’

After having served as a hideout for the pirates of the 17th and 18th century, one of whom, Olivier Le Vasseur, also known as La Buse, is believed to have buried a massive and as yet undiscovered treasure hoard on the main island, Mahé, the islands were finally settled by the French in 1756. They remained a French colony until they passed to the English after the defeat of Napoleon in 1814 and it was they who administrated the islands until their independence as a sovereign republic within the Commonwealth in 1976.

The islands’ legendary loveliness has long acted as a magnet to travellers in search of the Holy Grail of pristine tropical beauty and many famous travellers have beaten a path to its shores including the likes of Ian Fleming, author of James Bond, who visited the islands to receive inspiration for one of his Bond books.

The Seychelles Islands finally emerged from their slumber of ages in 1972 when they became connected to the rest of the world via a new international airport which saw the birth of the islands’ tourism industry.

Today, in every way, Fishermans Cove echoes – and adds value – to the rich history of the islands since their eventual settlement in 1770; to Seychelles’ multi-dimensional culture – and beyond – to the indomitable island-style soul that still reigns as a reflection of the unique topography, diverse flora and fauna and the wonderful air of other-worldliness that pervades everything from the mist-topped granite peaks, the emerald forests, right down to the sapphire ocean.

The pedigree of this hotel extends back to 1943, even before the opening of the International airport several decades later and ranks among the very earliest island accommodation establishments on the island to open its doors to the first wide-eyed travellers to visit these shores.

Situated in the quaint seaside town of Bel Ombre on the principal island of Mahé, the birthplace of Seychellois hospitality, Fisherman’s Cove nestles in its very own corner of a lush tropical paradise. Whether walking on one of the most beautiful beaches in the Seychelles, pampering yourself at the Zen Spa or savouring the extraordinary nuances of Creole cuisine, a stay at Fisherman’s Cove creates memories to last a lifetime.

Overlooking Beau Vallon, the most iconic and popular beach on Mahé the ideal location of the resort allows clients to make enriching and diverse discoveries at this western tip of Seychelles. Lush and vibrant gardens create an inspiring atmosphere for a romantic idyll or a serene getaway while our two restaurants and bars allow you to explore innovative pairings of flavours and spicy aromas. Meanwhile, beyond the simple relaxation afforded by the sand and sea, an exhilarating choice of water sport activities and the delicate attentions of our spa await your visit.

Fisherman’s Cove offers an extensive choice of rooms with magnificent beachfront views of the Beau Vallon Beach complete with ivory sands and crystal clear Indian Ocean waters. Designed to embrace a typical Creole style, all rooms are open plan, light and airy with wooden accents and rattan furniture. Whether you choose a chalet-style room or one situated within the main hotel block, you will enjoy all the creature comforts of bathrooms with their modern showers. Separate deep soaking tubs, oversized rainforest showers, and ample toiletries create a haven of comfort and sweet indulgence. Air-conditioning in every room may be finely adjusted to keep you cool and comfortable and tea and coffee making facilities, ipod docks and espresso machines all add to that feeling of being pampered.

Designed to create an open natural setting, each room enjoys its own private wooden terrace offering beautiful views of the resort’s lush tropical gardens or dazzling blue Indian Ocean, which you can capture perfectly and boast about online by taking advantage of the WLAN Internet access.

Fisherman’s Cove features an asymmetrically shaped infinity pool that creates an idyllic setting for you to spend a long, languid day relaxing in the sun on one of the surrounding sun loungers.  Those who prefer a more active holiday will enjoy their time in the gym and water sports enthusiast can try their hand at canoeing or pedal boating.

As you near the end of an active day, Fisherman’s Cove welcomes you to its very own corner of paradise. Undeniably luxurious yet comfortably relaxed, the soothing Zen Spa is surrounded by dazzling views of the Indian Ocean and invites you to indulge in the ultimate pampering experience.

The Fitness Centre is accessible 24hrs a day with your room key. A steam room and plunge pool is available to guests on a complimentary basis.

The resort boasts two restaurants and two bars, all with ocean-facing views, featuring a sensational selection of international and local dishes in an elegant, yet relaxed, atmosphere.  Discover the local touch, aroma and taste of Seychellois Creole cuisine; experience a-la-carte fine-dining and generally unwind while sipping exotic cocktails accompanied by breathtaking views of the ocean.

Embark on a culinary journey of discovery and stimulate your taste buds at Paris Seychelles and Le Cardinal restaurant. For a relaxed gathering spot at sunset, the Cocoloba and the Sunset Bars serve signature cocktails and light snacks by the water.

Le Cardinal serves a lavish buffet of differently themed delicacies every night in its beautiful, open-air dining room. Enjoy local seafood, luscious fruits, organic produce and exquisite desserts against the dazzling backdrop of the Indian Ocean.

Located on the resort’s picturesque pontoon, Paris Seychelles offers classic French gastronomy combined with Seychelles’ rich culinary offerings that draw from both Africa and Asia in a truly unique Beau Vallon Restaurant experience.

With its casual, contemporary design, the Sunset Bar sets a chic backdrop for enjoying signature cocktails made from local ingredients, while the relaxed and welcoming Le Cocoloba Bar invites you to unwind to the sounds of “Nouvelle Vague” while soaking up an exceptional view of the Indian Ocean.

Additionally, the resort offers a delicious selection of In-room dining options at any hour of the day or night.

A mere 20 minutes away from the smallest capital city in the world, Victoria, guests are urged to make the most of the resort’s unique location and explore the local seafood and craft markets.  Dive into the region’s fascinating history and experience firsthand the subtly intertwining French, Indian and Asian influences that permeate the cooking and culture. Explore the resort’s winding pathways, lush landscape and private enclaves which set an undeniably romantic stage for couples who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Home to a mesmerizing underwater world of coral reefs and tropical fish, Fisherman’s Cove is the perfect destination for snorkelling and diving enthusiasts. Explore pristine white sands lapped by topaz waters, coral sunsets and ignite your inspiration with an underwater encounter that leaves you with incredible memories of your stay on the island.

Visit enchanting underwater sites and learn about the importance of marine conservation with marine experts from our partner, the Marine Conservation Society Seychelles, who have helped us develop the project and continue to support it. Proceeds from the donations collected go towards sustaining the marine conservation projects led by the Marine Conservation Society Seychelles. The usage of water sports equipment is complimentary during your stay however a deposit of 50 Euro is required when you wish to make use of this equipment.

In a utopian setting overlooking the coral reefs of the Indian Ocean, Fisherman’s Cove offers an authentic venue for your wedding experience that you will find resonates with a unique cultural vibe.

Get married on the beach or on the pontoon that offers a unique setting for the exchange of wedding vows with the ocean as a spectacular backdrop. The team at Fisherman’s Cove can even take care of all the legal documents that are required for the ceremony as well as arrange the logistics of your special day through tailor-made packages.

Even though the Fisherman’s Cove prides itself on being able to retain the interest of the most discerning traveller across its broad spectrum of facilities and amenities, this exceptional resort is also an ideal stepping stone to the wider arena of Seychelles adventures.

It should not be overlooked that Seychelles is home to 2 UNESCO World Heritage sites, the legendary Vallée de Mai in which grows the mysteriously shaped Coco-de-Mer, and Aldabra, the planet’s largest raised coral atoll. With nearly 50% of its limited landmass set aside as national parks and reserves, Seychelles remains a sanctuary for some of the rarest flora & fauna on earth.

With an economic zone of over 1,400 million km², and a climate providing almost perpetual summer, Seychelles offers a captivating choice of accommodation options throughout the islands and unparalled diving, sailing, cruising, fishing, golf, spa & wellness, golf and eco-activities.