Fishy Tales and Silver Scales the largest aquatic store in the UK comes to Brighton Marina

Fishy Tales and Silver Scales the largest aquatic store in the UK comes to Brighton Marina

For the first time in Brighton Marina’s history, a new store specialising in tropical freshwater & tempered non heated aquarium fish is opening.

Maidenhead Aquatics, which currently employs 800 staff in 160 stores throughout the UK, making them the largest chain of aquatic retailers, is opening its first Brighton store at Unit 10,The Waterfront at Brighton Marina.

The store has its official opening this weekend and is looking forward to welcoming people who want advice on the hobby of fishkeeping or those already involved.

Kirsty Pollard, Centre Manager for Brighton Marina said, “This is an exciting new addition for Brighton Marina. Not only because of the nautical theme but because Maidenhead Aquatics are leading the way in educating children on how to look after their fish properly which is really encouraging and we wish them the best of luck in their endeavor.”

Scott Young, Acting Partner and owner of Maidenhead Aquatics in Hastings and Brighton, said, “My dad used to keep fish when I was young. I took an interest in it and my hobby became my career. I have been fish keeping for 30 years and been part of Maidenhead Aquatics over the last 20 years. Everyone who works for us is passionate about fish keeping and we believe that one of the key ingredients to our success is ’employing fish keepers for fish keepers’ who understand the industry and can offer the best advice.”

Scott continued, “Setting up the store was a real challenge as we had to install state of the art systems, which makes the environment more healthy and relieves the stress on fish. I am proud to be a member of the OATA and supporting worthy causes such as the Big Fish Campaign and our very own Fish Keeper Fry programme for Primary School children. We aim to keep leading the way in responsible fishkeeping and innovation for many more years to come.”