Fit'n'Mix womens fitness Brighton

Fit’n’Mix comes to Brighton

Sometimes in the past, the idea of going to a gym alone that’s filled with professionals has put me off. I had often thought to myself that if there were a gym specifically for women then I’d go, and it maybe wouldn’t feel so competitive. Well, that’s were Quick Fit in Hove comes in. Not only is it a gym specifically for women, but it also has such a range of classes that most chains gyms don’t even offer.

About four years ago, Fit’n’Mix was launched. The idea behind it all was to do something different to the regular circuit class. Each week, the instructor will choreograph a routine to requested songs that involve cardio vascular, resistance moves and an entire body work out.

You might find yourself doing aerobics moves, Latin style dance or who knows since it changes weekly. At least you’ll never have to worry about trying to learn a dance routine.

Classes are maximum of just 16 people, so an intimate gathering and good way to make new friends whilst having fun, and the best part is classes start from just £3 or less with a Quick Fit membership. Classes are only half an hour long and run three times a day Monday to Thursday at the Hove studio and mornings on Friday, Saturday and Sunday as well as Friday lunch times.

But don’t worry if you can make it to Hove, because Fit’n’Mix has come to Brighton.  The glow studio on St James’ St run every Monday and Wednesday at 9:30 am and every Tuesday and Thursday at   5:45 pm.

I’ve never been someone who particularly enjoys to work out with other people, but I would definitely trade in my cross trainer to give this a go!