Five best day trips for a Cornwall caravan holiday

Five best day trips for a Cornwall caravan holiday

Everyone knows that Cornwall is a stunning holiday destination. We’ve all seen pictures of golden sands and crashing waves, but the county is more than just its coastline.

Whether you’re looking at Cornwall caravan holidays or camping trips, there are so many things to see and do when you’re visiting the county.

If you want a day trip that isn’t just taking a bucket and spade down to the beach then read on. We’ve rounded up five of the best day trip destinations around Cornwall to help you plan your next visit.

Eden Project

When you think of Cornwall you probably don’t think of the rainforest. However, in the domes of the Eden Project you can take a walk through one of the world’s largest indoor rainforests.

This former clay mine has been transformed into a lush paradise of plants from around the world, featuring its distinctive ‘bubble’ domes which house the show-stopping rainforest and mediterranean biomes.

Whether you simply want to enjoy some impressive landscaped global gardens or want to learn more about ecological preservation, it’s guaranteed to be an enjoyable day out.

St Micheal’s Mount

Sitting within the azure waters of Mount’s Bay, St Michael’s Mount is an instantly recognisable icon of Cornwall. The tidal island can be reached by a cobbled causeway at low tides, but otherwise you’ll have to catch a ride on the small ferry.

Amble up the narrow streets of the harbour village to reach the imposing castle that towers over the bay. Terraced gardens stretched down the sides of the island are also an impressive sight, although access is a little more limited than that to castle.

Even if you just wander across the causeway and have a little poke around the village, you won’t forget a visit to St Michael’s Mount in a hurry.

Tintagel Castle

Another historic site can be found on the rugged cliffs of the north coast, where Tintagel Castle watches over the choppy waters. The site of this ancient castle has been inhabited since at least the time of the Romans and is steeped in legend, linked to the origins of King Arthur.

Built on both the mainland cliffs and the headland, the castle is intertwined with the grandeur of the local scenery. This does mean that some of the paths are rather steep!

Still, the castle boasts incredible views and you can enjoy a look out over the waves alongside a brooding bronze sculpture inspired by King Arthur and the ancient Cornish kings.

Geevor Mine

While the Cornwall of today is mostly known for its surf and beaches it was once at the centre of the world’s tin mining activity. This makes a visit to one of the county’s old tin mines an absolute must for anyone who wants to appreciate the history of this beautiful area.

Geevor was originally a working mine and is the largest preserved tin mining site in the UK, offering an experience unlike any other. Not for those afraid of the dark or enclosed spaces, you can walk down into the tunnels where the mine’s workers once dug for tin and copper.

The Hard Rock Museum provides a slightly less intense experience, featuring exhibits and interactive activities that illuminate the details of Cornwall’s mining past.

Newquay Zoo

If you’re more interested in animals than minerals, then you can find plenty of them at Newquay Zoo. Although it’s only a modest 13 acres the zoo is home to penguins, monkeys, meerkats, red pandas and many more.

Conservation is a big part of Newquay Zoo’s mission, with a focus on protecting at-risk species and preserving native wildlife. While the zoo mostly features smaller species – rather than lions, giraffes or elephants – it’s sill an impressive collection of adorable animals.

You shouldn’t have any problem seeing all that the zoo has to offer in a day, so take a leisurely pace and enjoy the experience.

So, do any of these day trip destinations take your fancy? This is just a small sampling of what Cornwall has to offer, so be sure to get out there and explore on your holiday.