Five reasons why Spain is still one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe

Five reasons why Spain is still one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe

Spain has millions of visitors every year, and it’s easy to see why. It is arguably the ultimate summer destination in Europe, with the perfect mixture of sun, sea, fun and culture. You can spend your days wandering around little villages, exploring one of the bigger cities, relaxing on a sandy beach or simply enjoying one (or several!) of Spain’s local speciality dishes.

All things considered, Spain is one of the greatest holiday destinations in the world, and here are five reasons why:

The amazing architecture

Spain is known for its architecture and magnificent buildings that reflect the thousands of years of creativity and history. There is the pioneering work of Antoni Gaudi, an architect from Catalonia who is known to have an individualized and distinctive style. His Sagrada Familia has visitors flocking to Barcelona on a daily basis.

Then there is the Morrish heyday from the 13th and 14 centuries which produced the iconic Alhambra Palace, a pink stone complex that overlooks the city of Granada. You can also see treasures that include Seville’s vast semicircular Plaza de Espana, built back in 1929.

The food

Whether you choose a Michelin-starred restaurant or a small rustic bar tucked away in the corner somewhere, there will be plenty of flavours and gastronomic experiences for you. Enjoy a traditional breakfast combined with Serrano ham, olive oil and tomatoes, try some chilled soup for lunch in the sun and wind down in the evenings with a sparkling glass of cava beside a variation of Spanish tapas, (each region will have a different selection).

The landscape

From beautiful high cliffs, the North Atlantic coast and those beautiful beaches, the landscape in Spain is utterly breathtaking. Admire those charming whitewashed towns and stroll through cobbled streets for a day of exploring and a bite to eat. Choose to stay at the most unique and luxurious apartments in the city of Bilbao which are available for online booking through local sites like

You can take a rail journey up to 600ft overlooking Ronda’s El Tajo Gorge. Or for a day full of culture and sophistication look no further than the gorgeous city of Barcelona, the grand capital Madrid or the colourful and chaotic Seville.

Music and dance

There are so many different types of Spanish music and styles that have evolved from their culture. Traditionally it combines guitars, copla, bolero and bulerias together to make beautiful sounds for all to enjoy. As well as the music, you have the dancing – a huge part of Spanish culture. The Tango, Flamenco and Paso Doble are very famous dances that originated from this country. As the Spanish are so passionate about their music and dance, it’s lovely to sit back and watch – but you may not be able to resist getting up off your seat and getting involved!

The weather

Compared to a lot of European countries, the weather in Spain is pleasant all year round with some destinations averaging more than 300 days of sunshine a year. Costa del Sol, along the southern coast and the central region of Andalusia are renowned hot spots. If you’re prepared to venture slightly further afield, the neighbouring Canary Islands also experience soaring temperatures and are warm, even in winter.

Ready for your next trip to Spain? You won’t be disappointed!