Five Time-Tested First Dates  

Five Time-Tested First Dates

You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression, and that’s why it’s so important that your first date with somebody goes well. Whether you met your potential paramour online, on campus, at work, or somewhere in between, you’re going to need to start off with a good idea. Well fear not – here are five time-tested first dates that are bound to let you show off your best self (so long as you don’t get too tipsy).

Ice Skating and Other Exercise

What better way to break down the touch barrier than by falling flat on your butt? Things like ice skating, trampolining, and roller disco all make for a fun, memorable first date. You can be endearingly bad at the sport or impressively good, it doesn’t really matter in the end. You’re there to get to know your crush, and that means talking, laughing, and teaching each other along the way. Mini golf comes under the same sort of category; it’s a fun activity that can play background to actual conversation.

The Meal Out

Ahh, the meal out. You can go as classic or as wild as you like with this one, just make sure it’s representative of your actual tastes and personality. No point in taking a guy or gal out for a five-star fish and wine tasting menu when all you really wanted is a Mcdonalds burger and fries, right? So consider all your options: a sit-down meal with wine, tapas with cocktails, cheese-loaded nachos with a beer at your favourite pub, and then ask your crush out already!

The Meal In

Cooking for someone is an incredibly intimate act, and showing off your culinary prowess could be a great way to transition from friendship to romance (if both parties are on board). Just like with the meal out, however, this kind of date comes in degrees. Will it be I’m a Celebrity betting and takeaway pizza or sirloin steak and an arts film? Make sure your date knows the status quo before they agree to come round.

Scrabble and a Chat

As mentioned above, a first date should catalyse conversation and provide an opportunity for the two of you to get to know one another. Now, not everyone likes alcohol or a night out on the town, and not everyone is comfortable visiting a stranger’s house on a first date. There’s a reason why coffee is the go-to for most of us with a crush – but you can step up your game. Make it coffee and Scrabble or coffee and Battleships. Find a cute spot, put on your best outfit, and smile that dazzling smile. Then show no mercy and win the board game hands down.


Another great convo catalyst – trivia and pub quiz nights are a tip-top way to win another’s heart, or at least a chance at a second date. You can laugh at your mistakes, be impressed (or disappointed) by their general knowledge, and maybe even win a prize.

Whatever you choose, don’t stress too much. Whether or not the pair of you click is independent of the setting, and your personality will shine through regardless. The point of the date is just to make things easier!