For Ladies and Gents

A complete refurbishment has made Genting Casino the boutique attraction in the city’s centre as Will Cotton explains

Tell us a little bit about Genting Casino…
Our casino has a long-standing tradition in the city having been located on Preston Street for over 30 years after transferring from its original site within The Hotel Metropole on the 2nd April 1982. All of the popular casino games are available from roulette, blackjack and three card poker to electronic roulette and slots with jackpots of up to £10,000.

For those new to gaming, the casino offers engaging learn to play sessions where customers can have fun whilst being shown how to play blackjack, roulette, poker or slots. These sessions can be booked in advance for parties and can be tailored to individual requirements.

What makes it special?
The team that work here, who I believe epitomise the very essence of customer service. We are in competition with not just the other casinos in the area, but with every other business that is out there. As such we have to ensure that we are prepared to go the extra five miles when others are satisfied with just going the extra one and that’s exactly what we do.[two_third]

Why have you refurbished the casino?
We have long since believed that we offered the very best gaming experience from a service point of view and we needed an environment to match, as the appearance and layout of the casino had changed little since its early days.

What has changed since the casino’s refurbishment?
Everything! We have a new entrance and reception area, the addition of a stylish bar (pictured), a revised layout on the main gaming floor, complete redecoration of the venue, new wash rooms, air-conditioning, audio visual equipment and enhanced lighting. Anyone who visited us in our old form will no longer recognise the place.[/two_third]

What is the theme of Genting Casino’s interior design?
A sophisticated and contemporary look that creates a smart boutique-style casino designed to appeal to all customers.

How important was designing the right interior?

It is essential in my opinion, as I view an undertaking such as this as an investment in our customers – it makes a statement to them about how much we value

What was the inspiration behind the design?
Once again, it was largely our customers. We have listened to what they wanted to see and acted accordingly as they are the driving force behind everything that we do. We are also fortunate in that being one of a group of 41 casinos spread across the UK, we were also able to draw on the experience of those that had been refurbished before us.

How ambitious were you with the refurbishment?
Fairly bold – we didn’t re-invent the wheel, but the refurbishment involved a great deal of structural change as well as cosmetic, with the end result that it feels like we’ve actually relocated rather than refurbished.

What challenges were involved in the refurbishment?
This is an old building and it had plenty of surprises hidden up its sleeve the further we scratched below the surface. I won’t bore you with the details, but let’s just say our weekly site meetings aren’t going to be something I’ll forget in a hurry!

How will the refurbishment affect the casino as a whole?
Quite simply, we believe that is has transformed the casino into the area’s premier gaming destination.

How will the new style of the casino fit in with the culture of Brighton?
I have lived in and around Brighton for the majority of my life and due to the eclectic mix of styles that this city embraces (like no other) I have no doubts about its ability to fit in.

Do you think the change in style will mean a change in customers?
Not at all, I just think it will expand our customer base further. Initial signs are that we have delighted and retained our existing customers, acquired plenty of new ones as well as winning back the few that we had lost.

What has been the casino’s best business move?
I’d like to think that’s still to come but I can’t reveal any more at this stage! In the present however, it has to be the new bar and relaxation zone which is something our previous incarnation was lacking.

What does the future hold for Genting Casino?
Only time will tell, but as long as we continue delivering memorable gaming experiences, I am confident that we will go from strength to strength.


About Genting UK
Genting UK plc, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Genting Malaysia, trades in the UK as Genting Casinos. It boasts 41 casinos across England and Scotland.

The casinos outside London operate under two brands: Genting Casinos and Genting Clubs. In London the group owns the oldest private members gaming club in the world, Crockfords, along with the Colony Club, Maxims, Palm Beach and Genting Casino Cromwell Mintand Genting Casino Chinatown Londonin close proximity.