Four factors to consider when choosing a new laptop

Four factors to consider when choosing a new laptop

Whether you’re looking for a new laptop for professional reasons or are just looking for an upgrade to your personal, there are many factors for you to consider.

In this short guide, we’ll share four factors for you to consider when choosing a new laptop.

Laptop prices can range from a few hundred pounds to thousands, so it’s wise to decide your budget before you even start looking. Consider how much money you have available to spend. This will help you reduce the number of laptops you have to choose from.

But you should also consider any sales or discounts you can make the most of, for example NHS workers can claim discounts on laptop purchases made with EE. Alternatively, you may want to look at refurbished laptops that are cheaper and more environmentally friendly than brand-new models.

Technical specifications
This factor determines how you’ll actually experience using your new laptop, so it bears careful consideration. Think about your needs and wants in the following categories:

Operating system – While the main OS are all flexible and top-of-the-range, there are subtle differences in user interface and features for you to weigh up.
Processing power – This will have a big impact on performance and how quickly your laptop can run.
Display – It’s best to get as many pixels as possible so that images look nice and sharp on your screen, as well as a decent graphics card if you want to play modern games or stream series in HD.
Memory – Ideally, you want at least 8GB of RAM and a decent amount of hard-drive storage, but consider investing more in this area depending on what you’ll use your laptop for.
Model dimensions
You also need to think about how dimensions impact your choice. In general, aim to balance portability and usability. Think about what you’ll mostly use your new device and where you’ll use it most.

For instance, if you’ll be using it to game at home, then something with a large screen would be a smart choice. But if you’ll mostly be using it to work on the train while travelling, then a lighter and more compact model would be more suitable.

Additional accessories
There’s a huge range of extra equipment you get to make using a laptop easier, ranging from wireless mice to high-tech headsets. Think about what you’ll mostly be using your laptop for and what could make it more suitable for this purpose. You should also consider investing that will help you stay comfortable and help you keep a good posture while using your laptop for extended periods of time.

Choosing a new laptop can be quite a challenge but by considering the factors above, you can make it considerably easier.