Four top tips for an ultimate Summer declutter

Four top tips for an ultimate Summer declutter

We’ve all heard of spring cleaning, where people go through their house clearing out their house whilst removing old and damaged items that they no longer have use for. It’s a good idea and one that helps us bring some order back to our homes which can often feel a little busy!

But is doing this once a year really enough? Why not stop and have a bit of a stock check of your belongings every season? We’ve had the spring clean, so why not introduce an equivalent for summer, autumn and winter? Here are four tips you should take on board if you decide to take part this year’s summer declutter.

Utilise storage facilities

One of the main problems about getting rid of items from your home is the nagging feeling that you might need to use them one day. So instead of deciding to throw away an item, why not instead move it into storage?

There are storage providers across the country who hire out areas dedicated to storing items that you’re just not ready to say the final goodbye to. It’s a great way of making space in your home but leaves you safe in the knowledge that if you need it, you know you can get it back!

Picture the possibilities

Clearing out a space can be hard work and after a while, it can be hard to summon the motivation to continue with the job at hand. This is where a bit of mental conditioning can work wonders.

By having an image in your head of the possibilities that added space could afford you, you will have an objective to work towards and therefore be more likely to push on through the lull in productivity.

Find a place for worktop items

Not everything needs to be removed from your home, something things just need to be relocated to a more discreet place. Often items sitting on worktops, tables and surfaces can make a room feel messier than it actually is.

In these occurrences, you can make a pretty dramatic impact with very little effort, by just finding a bookcase, cupboard or draw in which to store these smaller items. It’s a good idea to create a system and ensure you’re grouping related items together in similar draws in order to avoid the frustration of searching for an item and having no idea where it is!

The garden is part of your home too!

Whilst we may not be blessed with the most sunshine in the UK, the Summer months do bring us our fair share, which is why you need to make sure your garden is in a good condition when you’re ready to use it.

Planting some new colourful flowers, removing weeds and tired plants and scrubbing down the outside furniture will give your garden an immediate facelift, making it a welcome area for summer evening get-togethers with friends and family.