Fresh And Tasty Wins The Race

Waiting for a train in Brighton is going to become a lot more enjoyable with The Cyclist’s mix of quality food and drink

What is The Cyclist?
The Cyclist is a ‘refreshment room’, a tranquil, yet atmospheric environment where you can come and relax in comfortable, homely surroundings, eat delicious food, and drink fantastic beers, wines or anything else that might take your fancy.

What is a ‘Refreshment Room’ and where did the concept originate from?
In 19th century Australia, a refreshment room provided a respite from the stand up, bawdy pub that was the prevalent trend. Refreshment Rooms provided a refined, comfortable and homely environment, which served quality, honest food and drink.

What is The Cyclist’s ethos towards food and drink?
We aim to strip down traditional dining and find something more honest. Forget fancy cutlery, reservations and frivolity, here you’ll find a deli style counter for breakfast and lunch. We have tailored the menu to suit the needs of both travellers and locals alike.

The commonality in every menu is seasonality, simplicity and freshness. We source all our ingredients from local high quality suppliers who also believe it is about how food is found grown, cooked and eaten that makes for the best dining experience.

What’s on the menu at The Cyclist?
At breakfast you will find, a wide variety of options, from granola with berries to a full Cyclist breakfast, with homemade baked beans or Fried Egg, rocket, chilli flakes and parmesan. We offer a deli style lunch where customers have the choice of a selection of salads, pies and quiches.

We do also still offer eat in options such as fish and chips and burgers. For supper we provide small plates, of either meat, fish or vegetarian options which can be accompanied by a variety of side options.

How will it fit with the style of Brighton Station?
We have ensured that The Cyclist Refreshment Room still has elements of the Victorian style of the station throughout, for example, we have kept the arched windows and the original floor, whilst simultaneously putting our own unique stamp on the furnishings.

Are you able to get food to takeaway on the train?
Yes, definitely, in fact this is a key element in the philosophy of The Cyclist Refreshment Room. There is the option to takeaway at breakfast and lunch, for which there is a range of salads, pies and other hot options.

Why choose Brighton to open The Cyclist?
Living locally, we’ve always had a love for the city; a fun, fresh, vibrant place, with a huge number of unique and versatile people travelling to and fro. Brighton station sees thousands of commuters passing through daily, yet we noticed that there was a distinct lack of dining venues within the station.

The Cyclist Refreshment Room thus stands alone as the only provider of quality, hot food available for instant consumption in addition to alcoholic drinks within Brighton Station.

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