Fun Halloween Decorations You Can Make at Home with the Kids

Fun Halloween Decorations You Can Make at Home with the Kids
Halloween is a fun holiday for kids, but all the plastic pumpkins and store-bought decorations can get pricey. Plus, making your own decorations is a great way to get creative and spend quality time with your children. These seven easy homemade decorations are fun crafts that will get your kids excited for Halloween while saving you money.

1. Paper Plate Monsters
Turn ordinary paper plates into adorable monster pals. Have your kids colour or paint the plates in fun monster designs. Glue on wiggly eyes, pom pom noses, and fuzzy pipe cleaner hair to finish them off. These paper plate monsters make great wall hangings to decorate for your Halloween party. Let your kids’ imaginations run wild with creating silly and spooky monster faces.

2. Handprint Bats
Make bats fly around your home with this simple craft. Help your little ones trace their hands on black paper and cut them out. Glue or tape them onto strips of cardboard to make wings. Attach string to the top and hang these cute handprint bats from ceilings and doorways. You can also tape them onto windows for a fun Halloween display.

3. Toilet Paper Roll Mummies
Mummies are a classic Halloween decoration. Craft mini mummy figures using toilet paper rolls, gauze, and glue. Have your kids wrap strips of gauze around the toilet paper rolls, leaving gaps for the eyes. Glue on eyes to finish the mummies. Make a whole mummy family and arrange them together for a spooky Egyptian-themed display.

4. Pom Pom Spiders
Spiders are a fun and easy Halloween craft. Take large black pom poms and cut lengths of thick black or white yarn. Help your kids glue on eight yarn legs to turn the pom poms into cute little spiders. Make spiders of all different sizes and let your children help you scatter them over furniture, door frames, and bookshelves to fill your home with webby friends.

5. Construction Paper Chains and Bunting
Decorate your home in Halloween hues with homemade paperchains and bunting made from paper and card. Have your kids cut long strips of black, orange, and purple paper. Help them tape the strips together end to end to make long paper chains. If you’re unsure how to make bunting, you can download a template online. Simply cut the shapes out and decorate in a Halloween theme. Hang these colourful decorations along banisters, doorways, fireplaces, and windows for a spooky and festive look.

6. Painted Rock Monsters
Head outside and hunt for smooth rocks to transform into silly rock monsters. Have your kids paint fun monster faces on large rocks using acrylic paints. Glue on googly eyes, pom pom noses, and pipe cleaner antennae for extra details. Arrange the finished rock monsters on your front steps or use them as place card holders at your Halloween dinner table.

7. Tissue Paper Ghosts
These fluttering ghosts are so quick and easy to make. Ball up pieces of white tissue paper and tie a string around the middle. Then fan out the tissue paper to form a ghost shape. Hang these homemade ghosts from trees and ceilings to add some spooky decor inside and outside. Let your kids draw cute ghost faces on them or just leave them plain and ghostly.

8. Balloon Spiders
Blow up black balloons in various sizes. Have your kids use pipe cleaners to create eight spindly legs per spider. They can bend the pipe cleaners and attach them to the balloons using tape. Draw or glue on wiggly eyes to finish the spider designs. Hang these creepy balloon spiders around doorways, in windows, or above party tables for an interactive decoration that kids will love.

9. Toilet Paper Mummies
Wrap strips of toilet paper around your kids or small stuffed animals to transform them into mummies. Layer the toilet paper leaving gaps for eyes. Use streamers or fabric scraps to wrap “bandages” around their bodies and limbs. Finish off your homemade mummies with googly eyes and draw on spooky faces with markers. Pose your mummy kids together for a silly Halloween photo op!

10. Handprint Bats
On black construction paper, have your children trace their hands and cut them out to form the bat’s wings. They can personalise them by writing their names with markers. Attach a string loop to the top with tape and hang these bat silhouettes in windows or from the ceiling. You can also tape them onto a backdrop for a cute photo wall that highlights all your kids’ hands.

Making your own Halloween decorations is a great way to build excitement for Halloween. Follow these simple crafts to get your kids involved and fill your home with spirited decor on a budget. Their creativity will shine through in these fun homemade decorations.