Galvin Green Introduces New Sustainable Golf Wear Range

Galvin Green Introduces New Sustainable Golf Wear Range

Green is a big part of golf – from the parts of the course to the colours worn by players.  Now, the other sense of the word is something that is playing a bigger part in golf wear – green clothing that is made from recycled plastic and other eco-friendly materials.  The latest brand to release its range is Galvin Green.

Sustainable golf wear
Galvin Green has always aimed to create the most sustainable possible products for their golfing ranges.  But with the introduction of their new Insula Layering range for 2020, they have taken this aim to a new level.

The range includes three key menswear silhouettes that are made completely from recycles plastic bottles.  For example, the DWIGHT sweater is made from a polyester material that is created from seventeen one-litre plastic bottles that would otherwise have been polluting the environment or filling up landfill sites.

No compromise on quality
Company CEO Nicholai Stein said that the new range continues their commitment to sustainable materials and eco-friendly golfing products.  But it does this without any compromise on the quality of comfort or the performance levels that their golf clothing offers.

They plan to introduce ranges that are made from sustainable materials and use cutting edge technologies but also that last longer and therefore can be in use longer.  By creating products that are comfortable and durable, golfers can get more use from every piece of clothing.

Recycled plastic clothing
The three main products in the INSULA range that contain the 100% recycled polyester material are the DWIGHT, the DAMIE and the DRAKE styles while several items in the ladies range also contain a large percentage of the recycled material.

The range is also ideal for cooler conditions, something that the brand is known for.  Alongside this, the style and fit of the clothing are the best they have produced.  The recycled material is soft to the touch and also uses airy chambers to help trap heat near the body while remaining lightweight.  This same design also makes them breathable to ensure you feel dry.

Bluesign standard
While the three products take recycled plastic use to a new level, the entire INSULA range has the globally recognised Bluesign standard for environment textile production.  This means that even if garments aren’t made completely from recycled materials, the materials used are sourced and crafted in sustainable ways.  This is also true for GORE-TEX waterproofs in their range.

The company are aiming for a fully sustainable range in the near future and are seeking partners around the world to help them do this.  This will make for higher-quality clothing that doesn’t cost the environment while offering top performance for golfers of all levels.