GANT takes the next step toward a more sustainable future

GANT takes the next step toward a more sustainable future by joining Emmanuel Macron’s Fashion Pact to make the fashion industry more sustainable.

By signing the Fashion Pact, GANT commits to join forces with other leading fashion companies to take action within three main areas: climate, biodiversity, and oceans.

The preppy American lifestyle brand GANT has always been committed to creating premium timeless pieces with natural materials, style, and quality that will last a lifetime. Now the brand is taking a firmer stance on sustainability by signing the Fashion Pact.

“It was a natural decision for GANT to join the Fashion Pact,” says Brian Grevy, CEO GANT. As a united front, we can work towards mutual goals, we can transform the business, and work to improve the impact we have on the environment. Staying together makes us stronger and our possibilities to make good changes greater.”

The Fashion Pact is a coalition founded at the urging of French president Emmanuel Macron during the G7 Summit in France this August. Its objective is to address the fashion industry’s impact on the environment. To date, 56 stakeholders and leaders within the fashion industry have signed the Fashion Pact, committing to taking action within three main areas to reduce the environmental impact of the industry: climate, biodiversity, and oceans. Companies that have joined the Fashion Pact include Nike, Burberry, Chanel and Alexander McQueen.

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