Gentlemen’s Wardrobe

A well fitted shirt is a must have in every gentlemen’s wardrobe.
Words by Igor Srzic

We should have at least five shirts – one for each working day and in a variety of colours and styles. Shirts should be good quality and if that means you need to pay a bit more it’s worth it. A good quality cotton shirt with a great fit is essential. So what do you need to look for when buying a shirt? Make sure that you buy the right neck size so you can wear it with a tie or open if you want to have a more casual look. The shirt needs to fit you well. Not too big or too small, it needs to be just right – which can be difficult to achieve with off the peg shirts.

If you have broad shoulders, buy a size bigger so it will fit you around shoulders and the waist can be taken in. The same applies to sleeve length. Get the sleeves a bit longer and then they can be taken up if needed. The best thing would be to get a shirt made-to-measure for your body shape, if your budget allows. It is a great experience to design a shirt specifically for your needs.

Made-to-measure shirts are really good quality and they will fit you perfectly. You can often pay a huge amount for a well known designer brand but it won’t fit you as well as one made to your body measurements. When you do have one made for yourself with a great it can be difficult to go back and buy off-the-peg shirts.

Wearing shirts with different ties will give you a fresh and new look even if you do wear the same shirt. You can’t go wrong with a classic white shirt, but It is always good to have a few different colours in your wardrobe. You should check that they suit your complexion – so make sure you try shirts on before you buy them – not only for the fit, but to make sure they don’t wash you out.

I always go for shirts made of Egyptian cotton – it’s very good quality and the cotton feels nice against the body. They don’t crease as much and are easy to iron.

If you do need any help to get the right shirts for work or a casual outfit you know where to find me.