Give Back With Every Glass This Christmas With Sea Change Wines and A Brand new Rosé Prosecco

Give Back With Every Glass This Christmas With Sea Change Wines and A Brand new Rosé Prosecco

Sea Change Wine Helps Turn Tide on Plastic Pollution with Donations to Marine Conservation Charities from Every Sale

This year has thrown some curveballs but it has importantly given us the opportunity to celebrate the beauty of our natural environment. And with Christmas just around the corner there’s no better time to give back to the planet than with a crisp glass of wine. We’re also delighted to introduce our new Rosé Prosecco, a wonderfully fresh way to celebrate this year.

Whether you’re hosting, gifting or looking for something to share with friends and family, these special wines from eco-conscious wine brand Sea Change will have everyone feeling good this festive season.

Carefully selected from award-winning vineyards in Italy and France, Sea Change wines are known for their light, easy to drink nature.

The Rose Sparkler – Prosecco Rose, RRP £12.99

Vibrant and fun, bursting with red fruit and celebratory fizz this wine is fresh to the market, a real wine world first.  This exciting new sparkling rosé also has its roots in the picturesque Veneto region of north-eastern Italy.  Flavoursome yet refined Sea Change Prosecco Rosé combines everything that we love from Prosecco and rosé making it the perfect choice to serve either as an aperitif or the glass to raise this festive period. Suitable for vegetarian and vegans alike, try something new this Christmas.

The Red – Negromaro, RRP £9.99

This award-winning and rich Negromaro hails from the Southern Italian region of Puglia making it the most perfect and elegant evening drink in front of the fire this festive winter. The red fruit vibrancy also makes it the ideal companion for Christmas puddings and mince pies.

The White – Sauvignon Blanc, RRP £10.99

Produced by Chateau Canet in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of Southern France, this mouth-watering and zesty Sauvignon Blanc will compliment your turkey or mushroom wellington like no other.

The Fizz – Prosecco, RRP £12.99

Suitable for vegans, and from the romantic Veneto region of north-eastern Italy, this deliciously fruit and soft Prosecco is the ideal celebratory drink for parties this season. The fine bubbles also ensure this delicious Prosecco balances your festive canapés.

  • Alternatively, or of course additionally, this Christmas you can treat your family and friends to a gift pack, available in trio or case (6 bottles) sizes.
  • Available exclusively at from October:
  • Rose Pack – One of each! One bottle of our Provence Rose, one Chateau Canet Rose and one brand new Rose Prosecco  – RRP £40.00
  • Festive Fizz Pack – Two bottles of our brand new Prosecco Rose and a bottle of our classic Prosecco – RRP £40.00
  • Prosecco Rose Pack – Three bottles of our brand new Prosecco Rose – RRP £40.00
  • Premium Red Pack – Three bottles of our divine Malbec – RRP £45.00
  • Winter Reds Pack – Perfect for chilly evenings with one Negromaro, one Merlot and one Malbec  – RRP £40.00
  • Christmas Day Pack – Spend the day with the best, with one Prosecco Rose, one Sauvignon, and a Premium Red – RRP £40.00
  • Christmas Case – Perfect for sharing with one Prosecco Rose, one classic Prosecco, two Malbec and two Sauvignon – RRP £65.00
  • Celebration Case – A real celebration with three classic Prosecco and three Prosecco Rose- RRP £65.00
  • Range Case – One of each! One Provence Rose, one Prosecco, one Prosecco Rose, one Malbec, one Negromaro and one Sauvignon  – RRP £65.00

With each bottle of Sea Change sold a donation will be made to marine conservation charities fighting plastic pollution*, making it an ideal choice for those who want to contribute to keeping the oceans clean and safe for marine wildlife.

Each wine is identifiable by a different sea animal label, hand-drawn with plastic hidden inside them. These beautifully illustrated labels were created to show the on-going dangers of plastic pollution – reminding people why we need to protect these creatures and their environment. As with all Sea Change wines, the packaging has been minimised and the unnecessary plastic wrap covering the closure removed.

The Sea Change wine collection is available to buy online at with the Prosecco’s at £12.99, Negromaro at £ 9.99 and the Sauvignon Blanc at £10.99. Free delivery is available for orders over £100.

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