Go Organic: Why Natural Beauty Products Are Healthy

Go Organic: Why Natural Beauty Products Are Healthy

We are often told that artificial beauty products are bad for us. But few of us know exactly why.

In her book Drop Dead Gorgeous, Kim Erickson explains the harmful effects of unnatural cosmetics. According to her research, we absorb over 200 synthetic chemicals through our daily regimes.

In going natural, we can reduce our exposure to nasty materials – and we could even improve the state of our health. Let’s examine how.

Improve Your Skin and Hair

Shampoo, deodorant and other skin and hair products that aren’t entirely natural can be damaging. This is mainly down to their synthetic preservatives, which can cause varying levels of irritation.

To avoid contact with these substances, remember to carefully check the label of any beauty item before you buy it. Preservatives can guarantee safety – but there are some that are healthier than others.

A product preserved with lemon, for example, can be a healthy alternative. It can also to prevent from greasiness on hair and skin.

Natural ingredients products are typically more comfortable – and less harmful – to use.

Enhance Your Sense of Wellbeing

Pure products aren’t just good for your body – they may benefit your mind, too. In particular, organic oils can have a huge effect on your mood. And so, they could enhance your sense of wellbeing. Essence of lavender can aid relaxation, whilst cinnamon can sharpen focus.

Various synthetic chemicals comprise artificial fragrances. But with an organic essential oil, everything is natural.

Unlike artificial scents – where different smells can compete – only one scent is produced. As a result, there isn’t any risk of headache, which can be caused when we’re faced with a barrage of smells.

To achieve a healthier mind the organic way, look to specialists like Neal’s Yard Remedies. Being 100% natural could improve both your physical and emotional health.

Protect the Planet

Natural cosmetics won’t only help you. It may sound obvious, but investing in them could protect the planet, too.

Synthetic materials typically fail to decompose. Organic alternatives, on the other hand, are more likely to disintegrate because they’re natural.

But ethical sourcing isn’t just about ingredients – it includes packaging, too. Identify brands that produce and pack all items responsibly, and you could maximise the environmental benefits of your beauty regime.

You may also want to consider where products have been made. If you buy items made in the UK, you’ll be better able to ensure that less emissions were emitted than with international shipping.

In doing this, you could develop a beauty practice that is entirely planet-friendly.

Going natural can reap big rewards – especially when it comes to make-up and pamper products. Now that you know how easy it is, you can use nature to look and feel better. Who knew that healthy living could be so creative?