Goldsmiths Brighton
Serene woman couple in the morning


GOLDSMITHS has become the first UK-based high street jeweller to champion same-sex couples in its advertising with the launch of a new campaign in the Brighton showroom.

With Brighton Pride recently taking place in the city, the campaign – which is an extension of the brand’s well-known ‘It starts with Goldsmiths’ message – is comprised only of same-sex couples and geared towards both men and women.

The visuals created for the campaign are being showcased in-store and as part of the window display as well as throughout Churchill Square Shopping Centre. They feature beautiful black and white images that capture the tender, everyday moments shared between couples, and were live in time for the Pride celebrations.

Goldsmiths executive brand director Craig Bolton said: “During the 25 intervening years since Brighton Pride began, and significantly earlier in history as a whole, the LGBT community has called for equality and acceptance. It is testament to their passion and determination that society has come this far – however there is of course still some way to go.

“We’re proud to put same-sex couples at the forefront of our campaign, particularly using Brighton as a launch pad. We have always embraced and admired diversity so it made perfect sense to apply this mindset to our marketing materials.

“It’s important that British brands continue to evolve and challenge stereotypes in order for us to achieve complete inclusivity of LGBT individuals. We want others to join us in our efforts to set a new norm in the retail industry.”

Chris Jones, store manager at the Brighton store, said: “We are incredibly excited to be the first store in the Goldsmiths’ portfolio to carry such a fantastic campaign. Every year we look forward to Brighton Pride so it was a special time for us to show our support.”

Established in 1778, Goldsmiths is now one of the largest jewellers in the UK with over 100 showrooms across the country, and has a rich heritage in jewellery design and craftsmanship. Brighton, a town well known for its large gay community and its welcoming of diversity, has been chosen as the ideal location in which to trial this new campaign for the first time.

Goldsmiths same-sex couples’ campaign marks the first time this has been done by a high street jeweller in the UK. It was unveiled last month at the Goldsmiths Brighton showroom located within Churchill Square Shopping Centre, Brighton BN1 2TB.

Goldsmiths Brighton