#Goodwoof From The Goodwood Estate

#Goodwoof From The Goodwood Estate

We have always been a nation of dog-lovers but now, perhaps more than ever, our canine companions are helping us to stay sane during these challenging times.

With so many of us at home, we are looking to our dogs for even more support than usual (perhaps even fighting over who gets to walk them!) not to mention being grateful for their unquestionable loyalty and love, which is certainly well needed for those of us in isolation.

We thought it was fitting that we share with you a fascinating story about their history ‘From Wolf to Woof’. It appears that they’ve been pretty important to us for quite some time. Find out where your dog comes from and how it shares its DNA with the wolves from over 15,000 years ago.

At Goodwood, the estate has always been inextricably linked to dogs – and despite having to postpone our new dog event Goodwoof to next year – we are still passionate about all things dog. So, if you have any stories about your dog and how they’re helping you during the coronavirus outbreak, please share and hashtag #Goodwoof so we can hear all about it.

Take care and enjoy this quality time with your dog.

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