Green Play – The Better Way 100% Recycled Toys with Geomag

Green Play – The Better Way 100% Recycled Toys with Geomag

Geomagworld has innovated since 1998 when they invented the first magnetic construction toy!  Fast forward to 2021 and they continue to lead in their field.  A primary mission is to encourage playing together for a healthy planet.  Since Geomag toys are focussed on the healthy development of children, they feel equally responsible for the health and the future of the environment that children are growing up in.  Geomag creates their wonderful toys in Switzerland and uses 100% renewable energy to manufacture them. The latest innovation is the eco-friendly range which is made from 100% recycled plastic. Geomag offers educational and magnetic toys for all children 3+ and now being made from 100% recycled plastic allows for a greener way to play.

Redefine with Green Lines

Geomag’s open-ended play systems provide unlimited building options that promote free building and stimulate creativity.  In 2020 the classic range was redefined with a revolutionary green range: a market-leading innovation that both consumers and the planet will love.  They are committed to making learning fun and creating toys from 100% recycled plastic. When play is fun, it allows children to learn, and the 2021 new Geomag Supercolor range ticks all the boxes.

Inspire imaginations creating limitless constructions

It’s not always easy to make learning interesting but Geomag’s new range of Supercolor sets makes certain that children and adults alike will continue to nurture that curiosity to explore and create and above all else, have fun whilst doing it.  The Geomag Supercolor sets, available in 35, 52 or 78 pieces, contain a mixture of panels, magnetic rods and metal spheres offer an explosion of new colours to allow building bigger and brighter stable structures.  Even the most demanding of creative spirits will not fail to be challenged inventing and building endless numbers of three-dimensional structures.  The Geomag Supercolor range can be found at The Entertainer with prices starting from just £22.50.

Open-Ended Play

Children learn best through creative and open-ended play. Geomag’s award-winning toys are STEM-certified and Good Toy Guide accredited among others ensuring that children can learn key skills through the joy of building, construction, and even demolishing their creations. Packed full of Invisible forces that make the rods, spheres, and panels together the 78-piece set allows children to build endless designs, from towers, animals, balls, domes are more. Kids will be attracted to Geomag and be immersed into the power of magnetism.  Geomag provides toys for all ages, so everyone can see, feel, and experience the magical powers of magnetic play. Find Geomag on Amazon, process start from just £8.