Gresham Blake – Print Phenomenon

Gresham Blake launched his bespoke menswear and clothing company in 2000, from a workshop in Brighton. Blake, the fashionable tailor, founder, co-owner and creative director aimed to create the finest modern tailoring, shirts and accessories. He currently has stores in Brighton and Shoreditch.

Following from the success of his eclectic printed shirts, for the last four years he has also produced a range of printed suiting for the summer season and most recently for AW15.

With the very much increased popularity of printed suiting Gresham Blake has carved out a niche market in high-end printed bespoke cotton & wool suiting.

Advancements in digital technology has aided a fast turn around and therefore makes it a viable option for customers to produce their own personal designed suit fabrics.

Ready to Wear – Average price £620.00

Bespoke – Suits with a personal design start from £1100.00

Gresham Blake London Store:
143, commercial street, London, E1 6BJ

Gresham Blake Brighton Store:

20 Bond Street, Brighton, BN1 1RD