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Heads up for the Masters of hair

Just like fashion, hair colour and style trends are forever changing. Headmasters Brighton are one of the leaders in this, as well as producing glossy locks to suit each individual that others will envy….

To prove my point at how ‘finger-on-the-pulse’ Headmasters Brighton are check out the gorgeous 2016 Marketing Campaign shots that you will see in Headmasters salons nationwide. Brighton Art Team member, Alife Pfeffer assisted on the shoot and Art Ambassador Ollie Blackaby worked closely with the PR & Marketing department and his team, researching and creating the looks for the Marketing Campaign…that’s a pretty big deal!

Not only that, Brighton’s Art Team member, Laura Griffin, has been one of the lucky 11 to be handpicked to join The Fellowship For British Hairdressing – Project X, which has been described as “the ultimate hairdressing finishing school” which attracts a broad and experienced calibre of participants from Fellowship member salons.
We asked Headmasters Brighton Art Team member Alife Pfeffer what will be hot for hair colour in 2016?

“Recently we have seen a huge increase in our clients wanting to come in for colour, some more daring that others! We are lucky enough to have 5 L’Oreal Colour Experts and 4 Art Team Members working at our salon so there is always a buzz of creativity and we are always experimenting with new colour techniques”


“Bespoke Grey & Silver – tones have been really popular with our Brighton clients. We have been focusing on a way to move this trend forward to make the hue truly unique to each individual. By taking into consideration skin tone and eye colour we are able to create softer warm greys or flattering pearlescent, mauve greys which will enhance our clients features”.

“Back To Black – A return for the glossy, high shine dark brunettes. Even from root to tip with earthy tones of conker and espresso..I’m calling it the Kendall Jenner effect”

“Butter Blonde – A deeper sunset blonde that shimmers in the light but looks rich and healthy. It’s all about shine and a super feature enhancing golden tone as seen on models like Karlie Loss”

“Ombre, Sombre, Ecaille – These colour techniques are still as popular as ever! At our Brighton salon we are finding ways to keep this huge hair trend up to date. Over the years we have seen the gradual blonde effect go from a boldly contrasted dip dye to effortlessly blended, beautiful balayage.

The 2016 gradient colour is about defined contrast between tones with a perfectly blended effect, we use our lightest tone to highlight and enhance the facial features and our deepest tone to contour and define the bone structure”.
I go to Headmasters Brighton myself and they have rescued my hair from past self colouring disasters. Infant these days I am often asked where I got my hair done! It isn’t the cheapest salon in Brighton but you couldn’t be in safer hands…on top of that they are offering all VIP Club Members, (which is worth getting if you decide to make this your hair destination of choice), 10% off all services out of the VIP hours of 9am-4pm.

HEADMASTERS BRIGHTON: 7 Jubilee St, Brighton BN1 1GE
TEL: 0345 459 7730