Henry West, Creative Director behind La Rose Noire

Henry West, Creative Director behind La Rose Noire

La Rose Noire, The Black Rose, is a one-of-a-kind product with Creative Direction to match! Mr West (@MrHenryWest) is the British brain behind this unique product. Mr West not only designed the groundbreaking electric skateboard, but also directed the art that flows with it. This electric skateboard sets itself apart from the rest of the industry with its innovative design characteristics. The board features a compact battery casing allowing the user to complete any tricks they desire. The rest of the electric skateboards in the marketplace are designed for commuting, but not real skateboarding. The other boards are also not considered ‘stylish’ by real skaters whereas La Rose Noire flips this stigma on its head. Specifically designed for advanced skaters, La Rose Noire is not only aesthetically pleasing to the marketplace but also fulfils all the trick needs of the consumer.

One of the unique features of Mr West’s invention, is the wireless remote. It is shaped as a knuckle duster, ensuring it never falls out of the grip of the user, even when performing difficult manoeuvres. The anti-establishment aesthetic of the remote also fuels the desire of the skate industry. With the design of the buttons being based on popular finger tattoos, combined with the all black colour scheme, Mr West’s design sets itself apart from the competitors.

All the media surrounding the product features a monochromatic style. This strongly contrasted black and white imagery is another powerful direction chosen by Mr West’s creative mind. Mr West mentions “It’s not about the specs’ that it can perform at, it’s all about the beauty”. Zero distractions, pure aesthetic thrill, no BS is Mr West’s game and he is definitely winning on this product, wrapped up with the entire media campaign.

Mr West’s Creative Direction is exceptionally unique, yet always consistent throughout his work. These strong features Mr West exudes have landed him international recognition for his work with brands such as Adidas and Beats by Dre. He portrays a strong, contrasted visual with a slight taste of melancholy, enticing the viewer. Mr West’s innate ability to create emotional stories for products make him tremendously profitable for clients.

In the video for La Rose Noire, Mr West explains how he gathers inspiration from his travels. He has managed to work across all 7 continents of the world as a Creative Director, enabling him to always have a fresh mind, full of ideas. In La Rose Noire’s media there is an abundance of black smoke, creating a dark atmosphere, yet he mentions the inspiration came from boiling a kettle on a road trip he took through Europe. The way creatives can take part in everyday activities, yet see the world so differently to most, will forever be an asset that brands wish to apprehend. There are so many layers to Mr West’s campaigns that blend seamlessly together to create his stories. Keep an eye out for Mr Henry West as he continues to dominate the Fashion & Style industry with his Creative Direction.