HGV Driver Shortages In The UK

There is a massive shortage of heavy goods vehicle drivers at the moment. With the UK being over 46,000 lorry drivers short. The main reason for this shortage is how unappealing the career looks. With the long hours of 14-hour straight days, the only upside would be the pay, though it’s not the highest paying job, bearing in mind what you’re doing its very good at £35,000 a year for an experienced lorry driver. But with 19,000 drivers coming into the industry on an annual basis, you would hope there’s not much of a shortage in the future.

There are some solutions for this shortage, for example drone deliveries is something companies like Amazon have been looking into for a couple of years now. This wouldn’t just take the pressure off lorry drivers. But it also means not as many lorries will have to be on the road which is also great for the environment. Please see this infographic from Return loads for more information on the shortage of HGV drivers.