History of Online Slots Milestones that Affected the Industry

History of Online Slots Milestones that Affected the Industry

As with anything, there have been huge evolutionary moments in the online slots gaming world. It all started with the first mechanical game being that of the 1891 Poker machine which was originally created by Sittman and Pitt. Four years later, Fey created the first automatic payout machine. But the next big change was not released until well after the turn of the century, in 1907. This was when Poker was not the main attraction of the slots machines, and the symbols changed from card orientated symbols to those of fruit which brought an air of interest and fun to the games – follow link now. This was also the same time that the BAR was brought in as an addition to the game which, when aligned successfully, created an automatic win.

Electric Slot Game Excitement
After all of the additions that 1907 saw, there was a long gap in the developmental side of slots gaming for one reason or another. But once the world was no longer at war and electricity became the norm, the first electromechanical slots machine was born. This may not have been until 1964 but it was not long after this that the first video slots game was created.

The electromechanical slots machine was slot and a lever had to be pulled in order to activate the reels, but it was an instant success and lead directly to the development of the video slot occurring. This was created specifically for the Hilton Hotel in law Vegas, where the developers had, unknowingly, made the first steps towards creating successful online slots gaming techniques too.

20th Century Modifications
During the 20th century, the main objection was to improve the slots games that had already been created. The developers wanted to create a fairer playing environment and wanted to find ways in which their games could not be cheated when they were in the casinos. Not only were these the main objectives, but they also wanted to enhance their current slots games by increasing the levels of fun which could be had by each player and they found ways in which they could create extra rounds during their games.

It was also at this time that games developers explored ways in which they could make slot machine games more appealing to players who needed to be stimulated more. By adding extra round during their games, their players could test their nerve and increase their amusement. But the games developers also added ways in which gamers could increase their bets so that gamers could win more or increase their levels of anticipation as they played.

Influx of Internet
As the internet swept the nation as a modern phenomenon, it changed many aspects of peoples’ lives. But it made an incredibly large impact on gaming. It meant that slots games could be played immediately from the comfort of a players’ own house. The gaming industry was one of the first to get to grips with the internet and it was definitely to its advantage.

The ease and convenience of slots games at being able to be played at home meant that the profits of the online casinos quickly overtook those of the bricks and mortar based casinos. Not only this, the way that these online games were able to engage the players was much greater with players spending much longer periods of time playing online games than they would normally have spent in a casino.

The other big difference in playing online was the size of the payouts. The jackpots were a great deal bigger when playing online and not in a physical casino. This was mainly possible as the online casinos were not having to use any of their profits on paying their overheads and therefore could increase their potential winnings for their players. These increase jackpot sizes were a big draw for many people and were the reason why so many players chose to play online over visiting their regular casino.

Gaming Giants
As the casinos caught on to the convenience factor preferred by their players, they all became more online-based. With well-known giants leading the way such as William Hill, who had an impressive portfolio of games for their players available online which all had great graphics and sizeable jackpots up for grabs. But this was not the only big change.

As the interest in the internet grew, the size of technological devices started to decrease. This meant that playing slots games online started to become even more convenient because the games could be taken with you to more of the locations you frequently went to. This quickly meant that you were not limited to only playing at home with a hard-wired internet access, but you were soon able to play when you were on the move.

With computers, tablets and mobile phones quickly becoming of a size where you could fit them into your bag and then soon, your pocket, the ability to take mobile slots games anywhere you went was fast a possibility. Smartphones and tablets are the latest addition to this, with the most common places to play online slots games being during the commute to and from work.

Gaming on the Go
With the on-going development of the internet, 3G, 4G and now 5G, mean that we have complete internet access from almost any area of the planet. Due to this, gamers can now play from wherever they are and do not need direct access. They can even choose to download apps related to their specifically favoured online casino if they choose to.

Gaming when you are on the go is really easy and is a great way to prevent yourself from getting bored wherever you are. With our lives being busier than ever, we are all constantly wanting to be able to multi-task and be able to game as we go, this is the perfect way of being able to do multiple things at the same time. You can walk, talk and nap whilst your online slots game is potentially making you money!