Home Interiors Advice From Direct Blinds

Home Interiors Advice From Direct Blinds

How to Decide Between Blinds & Curtains

One very common dilemma that people find when decorating a room in the home is deciding between curtains and blinds. While this may seem like a minor detail, the truth is that it is a big decision which will have a huge impact on how the room both looks and feels. Ultimately, it will come down to your personal choice and the purpose of the room, but here is a guide to deciding between the two.

Room Function

Perhaps the key aspect to consider is the function of the room that you are decorating. For rooms where it is important that you are able to control privacy and light, you will find that blinds are best as they can allow you to completely shut off the outside world. They are a much smarter choice for bathrooms because they are moisture heavy and this could lead to damp and mould with curtains – it is a similar case for kitchens. For other spaces in the home, such as living rooms and dining spaces, you may find that curtains are a good choice particularly if they fit with the decor.


Following on from this, it is also important to consider the decor of the room. Generally, you will find that curtains are a smarter choice for more traditional styles or if you are trying to create a warm and cosy feel (they are also effective for insulting a room). For more contemporary styles, blinds can be highly stylish with many different styles and types to choose from with places like Direct Blinds being a good starting point.


Another major reason that people opt for blinds in the home is that they are usually very quick and easy to clean with a quick dusting usually sufficing. Curtains, meanwhile, are often difficult to clean with dry cleaning frequently the only option. This may mean that you are without curtains for a period of time which is obviously not ideal.

Type of Window

It is also worth considering what type of window you are dressing and how it will look from the outside. Again, a more traditional style may look better with a curtain but blinds can be versatile and work with all types of window.

These are the main areas to consider when trying to decide between curtains and blinds. Blinds have a number of advantages such as enabling you to get full privacy, block out light, they are easy to clean and there is no risk of mould. Despite all this, curtains can look fantastic when used correctly so there is no clear cut choice and it will come down to personal preference. The two are not mutually exclusive, of course, so you could use both styles in one space for a luxurious feel and the best of both worlds.