Honest Burgers Brighton A Foodie Review

Honest Burgers Brighton A Foodie Review

Honest Burgers Brighton has just launched a new special burger, exclusive to the Brighton restaurant. Absolute Magazines burger connoisseurs Tony and Russ pay them a visit to give it a thorough taste test!

Fast growing burger chain Honest Burgers opened their Brighton Restaurant a few years back now. In the place where it all began for owners and best friends Tom and Phil, who met working for a local high-end eatery. They worked the circuit and noticed how most restaurants seem to have added hidden extras like sides and bread, ramping up the cost of dining before the customers realised!  They decided they wanted to do it all better, more “honest” and where quality would be absolutely guaranteed. With thirty-odd branches open and seemingly not slowing down, and their Brighton restaurant going from strength to strength in a town where with every week comes a “cool” new burger restaurant churning out “dirty” food. it really does seem that honesty is the best policy!

Those who have visited Honest Burgers will know this is not your typical try-hard to be cool dimly lit neon-heavy burger joint. Homely décor with bare brick walls and simple no-fuss tables and chairs. We check out the menu and it see more of the same theme. No crazy names and fancy toppings, and no sightings of words like “dirty” “sexy” or “filthy” in view whatsoever! Just simply described, beef, veggie, and chicken burgers along with a couple of speciality burgers made in collaboration with local restaurants that are regularly swapped out. They have just launched a new special burger exclusive to the Brighton restaurant. It’s the creation of the restaurant GM Nathan Takoor who has teamed up with Deen Lim, aka Brighton Hot Sauce, to create a bespoke hot sauce just for Honest to feature in a brand-new local burger. Seems like the perfect excuse to head down to Duke Street to get my burger-fix!

We choose a couple of beef burgers, myself the Brighton Hot, and my companion this month’s special the “Barcelona,”  Spanish style burger containing jamon crisps, manchego cheese, onions, bravas sauce, rocket and confit garlic mayo, both of which come with their signature rosemary salted chips as standard. We also share some extra onion rings, slaw and beef and bacon gravy. We tuck in and it is immediately apparent why the menu does not need to try too hard. Honest burgers are simply divine. It is all about the meat here. Succulent juicy patties made from fatty Chuck and Rib-cap steaks to give extra flavour and bind the meat without the need for egg, chopped, not minced to hold in the flavour and keep the meat coarse and tender. Cooked perfectly medium-rare through being seared on a flat iron grill and seasoned with salt and pepper during cooking to prevent the salt breaking down the beef and creating a rubbery texture. My Brighton hot burger is topped bacon, Smoked Mayfield cheese, Brighton Hot habanero hot sauce, chipotle slaw, rocket, and pickles and it is absolutely divine. The hot sauce, although packed with fresh red habanero and ghost chillies, is tangy, fruity and packs a punch, but thankfully does not detract from the essence of the meat. It also uses smoked Mayfield cheese from Honest Burgers cheesemaker neighbours Alsop & Walker for a nutty, smoky addition. Extra sauce is provided in a pot for dipping fries and pouring on your burger if you like it to be even hotter which is a lovely touch. I am literally in love with this burger. It is a phenomenal creation and a truly welcome addition to the Honest Burger Brighton menu. From the approving noises I could hear from my companion as he devoured his Barcelona, I could tell he was experiencing similar emotions.

Just as much attention goes into the sides. The chips which come as standard (no hidden extras here) are out-of-this world crispy, made from specially selected spuds which have a natural low-sugar content, which ensures they crisp up during cooking and don’t go soggy. Seasoned with sea-salt and rosemary, these chips have been described as the crack-cocaine of the chip world and we can see why! The chunkiest onion rings I have ever seen are beautifully spiced and incredibly moreish. The rich meaty gravy is something truly special, great for dunking the chips and onion rings. We washed it all down with “burger beer,” a vibrant and refreshing crisp-tasting lager from local Laine Brew Co, that really hit the spot, and made our burgers taste even better!

I often debate with friends about where to find Brighton’s best burgers. I always fight the corner of Honest Burgers, and with the addition of Brighton Hot to their menu I will be singing their praises even more.  Honest Burgers are a must visit. Unpretentious surroundings, well priced and incredibly tasty burgers and sides made from great British meat and veg.

Honest Burgers: 8 Duke Street, Brighton, BN1 1AH.