Hove dog grooming academy creates guide for people wanting to start their own business

Hove dog grooming academy creates guide for people wanting to start their own business

A Hove dog grooming school has created a guide for people who would like to set up their own business working from home.

The Bone Idol Academy, which is based in Blatchington Road, published the guide this week, which aims to dispel popular myths about getting into the industry.

After the puppy boom there is a need for more qualified groomers than ever, and the guide talks would-be pet professionals how to set up their own working from home, or mobile business.

Scott Learmouth, co-director of Bone Idol, which also has a salon in St James’ Street Brighton, said: “We created this guide because we wanted to show people just how possible it is to work for yourself in this rewarding and flexible career.

“For many people working with dogs is a dream job, and we see lots of learners coming to the academy for whom this is a career change. We get that, and want to provide as much information as possible about the options people have before they take the plunge.

“With starting up your own business there are lots of things to consider, but our iPET Network courses, and friendly tutors guide you every step of the way.”

The Bone Idol brand began in 2016 when business owners Scott Learmouth and Jon Clark struggled to find a luxurious groom for their dogs Doris and Krystal.

The couple soon found expert groomer Ben Thorpe, who was operating a business working from home, and the trio decided to set up the shop, which has now expanded into a state-of-the-art teaching facility over two sites.

Scott added: “We know all about starting businesses from scratch, as we have done it too. It is a big deal, but with the right information, perseverance and hard work you can have a very rewarding and successful career in dog grooming and care.”

To access the guide go to https://boneidol.co.uk/blogs/news/how-to-start-a-dog-grooming-business