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How do contractors keep up with industry trends?

How do contractors keep up with industry trends?

As a contractor, your job goes beyond the projects and tasks you take under your wing. Staying on top of industry trends and current affairs is an important part of what you can offer and it signifies the value you can add in your day-to-day, therefore strengthening your relationships with clients and getting the most out of the jobs ahead of you.

But how can you stay on top of these industry trends? And especially in a time where things change so rapidly? Here are some pointers on how to get started.

Pay attention to reports about the economy

The economy is a huge factor of course, as this can impact the materials used, the costs of the materials involved, shipping fees and timings. And on top of this, Brexit has thrown additional spanners into the works when it comes to construction costs and importing materials.

By committing to staying on top of current affairs, you’ll be well informed to make decisions that will benefit not only your clients but also your business.

Seek out trends encompassing sustainability

There’s also a push for sustainability and using more environmentally friendly materials for projects. In recent years, contractors have been encouraged to embrace this in their projects and seek out innovative solutions.

By educating yourself on what sustainability involves, you’ll naturally pinpoint opportunities that align with this ethos. There are endless news articles and sustainability reports to digest in this space, and you’ll find that much of it applies to the construction space.

Networking events

While it might not be the first thing that springs to mind, there are a surprising amount of trade shows and events you can attend to help continuously build your knowledge of emerging trends. There are even online webinars you can attend virtually if you’re strapped for time.

Off the back of this, you can get a glimpse into what competitors may be doing and also meet others in the industry, which again, can allow the inspiration to flow. From learning about the benefits of using materials like plywood to understanding the latest tiling trends, there’s plenty you’ll uncover.

Conversations with your clients

You may even find that your clients have their own thoughts you can explore and consider. Be open to suggestions and bring your own thoughts and suggestions into the discussion so that you can share ideas to bounce off before concluding together.

On top of discussions at the start of the project, be sure to keep them in the loop as things progress. The main outcome is to ensure that your client is happy and this will also benefit you in terms of client retention and recommendations.