How Fans Have Supported Arsenal Over Time

Arsenal is one of the most popular football clubs in the UK, and this has earned them a solid fanbase since their creation in 1886, with many generations of fans still heading out to matches and fan clubs in support of the team. There are several different factors to consider on how Arsenal fans have supported their favourite club over time.

  • Betting

Many fans show their support for Arsenal by betting on the club’s wins for the largest and most important matches. In fact, you may be surprised to know that betting on football matches may have started as early as 1867, with a fixed-odds betting style and the introduction of prizes promoted by newspapers if you bet correctly on the winning team. Although betting has changed over time, it is still just as popular today. However, where once you would have had to go to a local gambling shop or casino to make your bet, this has now been made much simpler by the introduction of online casinos such as Unibet at, where fans can make their bets from any location, ensuring that they can show their support without even leaving the house.

  • Attending Matches

Arsenal Football Club is the 6thmost popular club in the UK, and the 2ndmost famous according to YouGov statistics, and this popularity is something that the club’s fans take seriously. With average attendance statistics being over 57,000 fans per match, attending matches is still a popular way to show support for your favourite team, and this is something that has continued since their creation. By attending matches, fans can show their solidarity for Arsenal Football Club as well as meet with other football fans in support of Arsenal. Not only this but with a win rate that has increased from 43% in the 1970s to 51% in the 2010s, it seems that the fan’s support has been paying off when it comes to supporting their favourite players.

  • Celebrity Endorsement

However, fan endorsement is not just relegated to normal people, but celebrities too have had their glossy eyes on the club since its creation. Nowadays, modern celebrities such as Jay-Z and sporting personalities such as Mo Farah take to Twitter and other social media to boast about their love for the club, as well as often telling interviewers how the club has affected them throughout. These celebrities have not only supported football clubs recently, however, and this trend for celebrity endorsement extends into the past, with Fidel Castro reportedly being an Arsenal Fan.

  • Online Content

With the revolution of the internet making it more and more easy to follow your favourite club, it is now simpler than ever to be an Arsenal fan. Fans now support the club by producing online content on social media fan pages, which they can then share broadly with fellow supporters, as well as creating websites dedicated to the club’s movements. If this was not enough, the club also gives back to their fans through online content from their social media pages, live apps for mobile phones and through linking up fans with supporter’s clubs.