How Manchester Became a Global Destination

How Manchester Became a Global Destination

Manchester is a world class city offering an abundance of draws, attracting people from all around the globe to the region. The city’s skyline is changing dramatically as skyscrapers are adapting the landscape. Manchester has a talented pool of people who excel in their field, made up of graduates and young professionals, and the city is booming. Manchester is experiencing ambitious transformations within its airport and transport infrastructure that will see the city competing on a global level.

The future of Manchester airport is being bolstered through its £1 billion adaptation into a ‘super terminal’. Dubbed the biggest single construction project to ever take place across Greater Manchester, the airport’s new super terminal will provide a large gateway for visitors from across the world. Set for completion in 2023, the 900,000 square foot extension aims to provide a faster journey through immigration, check in and security, rivalling some of the best airports in the world like Boston, Beijing, and Hong Kong. Evidently, Manchester is investing in its future to ensure maximum growth and an elevated reputation.

Tourism across the city of Manchester is booming year on year with foreign travellers bringing in a total of £670 million to the economy in 2017 alone. There has been a 10% increase in overseas visitors with 1,319,000 in 2017 up from 1,191,000 the previous year. Besides from the obvious pull of a diverse music heritage, fascinating trading history and an unbreakable city bond, Manchester has become a true contender to compete against other European hubs.

A plethora of high profile publications have published glowing reports on Manchester, showering the city with praise. It is no surprise that developments offered by property investment companies like RW Invest are becoming increasingly popular with those from the UK and overseas. The New York Times gave its opinion on the top things to see in Manchester. Featured in their write up was a guide on where best to eat, what attractions are worth visiting and which hotels deserve a stay. Later they claimed that young entrepreneurs have revived the city.

The publication handpicked all unmissable attractions, including museums, art galleries and theatres that has encouraged visitors from all over the globe to Manchester intertwining streets. The Northern Quarter gained a special mention, as well as the intricate facades on archaic buildings dotted around the city that are fascinating to those that are visiting Manchester for the very first time.

Manchester is recognised as a remarkable place and has been named one of the best cities in the world, particularly for students, according to Millenial City Rankings. Out of a total of 110 cities, Manchester made the top 10 list due to four major concerns amongst young people. Does the city currently have available work? Can young people afford a good life? Is the city open and tolerant? How fun is the city? Other factors were taken into consideration such as gender equality and start-up opportunities which secured Manchester as one of the best cities for young people in 2018.

As well as Manchester being recognised worldwide for its popularity amongst young people, it also holds strong appeal for students. Manchester has been named the fourth most popular place for students to live in the entire world, behind London, Melbourne and Sydney according to research which looked at 426 cities across the world.