How to Avoid Breaking the Law When Driving in Different Countries

How to Avoid Breaking the Law When Driving in Different Countries

Driving in a foreign country can be a huge challenge, with many factors to take into account that can make even the most experienced driver nervous and unsure. If you’re planning to drive somewhere for the first time then it’s crucial that you understand how to stay safe while sticking to the local laws at all times.

Understand the Rules Before You Go
You might think that the driving laws are the same everywhere, apart from the obvious issues such as whether vehicles drive on the right or left-hand side. Yet, there are numerous different laws to be aware of, such as the local speed limits. You might have heard that the German autobahn has no speed limit, but this is only true on around half the network, with other stretches having either permanent or temporary limits in place.

The traffic signs you’ll see by the side of the road also vary greatly, so you need to seriously research this matter before driving abroad. The general format of triangular warning signs, circular signs for regulatory information and square signs for information apply in most places, but the types of hazards and information noted on them can differ and if you don’t speak the country’s main language then it will be even more difficult to understand.

You’ll also want to know what to do in the event of an accident taking place. Accidents abroad where someone is injured or property is damaged are among the difficult situations where you need to stay calm and understand how to proceed. Before you leave home, familiarising yourself with the different types of injury claims and what to do if someone is injured will help you leave home with a greater sense of peace of mind.

Find Out How People Drive There
While understanding the formal rules before leaving home is a crucial step, you’ll also need to be aware of the driving culture in general. For example, are local drivers renowned for sticking rigidly to the rules at all times, or are you likely to come across other drivers jumping red lights, doing reckless u-turns on the motorway and breaking the law in other ways?

While you’ll want to stick to the laws in place at all times, you need to know whether you can expect other drivers to do the same, or if you should be constantly on the lookout for bad driving that’s likely to affect you. This list of the countries with the best public transport drivers puts Switzerland and the UAE at the top, although it takes into account factors such as the cleanliness and politeness of the drivers as well as their driving attitude.

Some research is needed on both of these points so that you get a clear idea of what to expect.  After that, you should plan your route well and pay careful attention to the roads and the traffic around you, to increase your chances of avoiding any problems.