How to boost your self-esteem

How to boost your self-esteem

Self-esteem is a crucial part of our overall wellbeing. Without good self-esteem, we can suffer low moods and more long-term mental health problems, which mental health charities like Mind are passionate about resolving. In a nutshell, low self-esteem can look like feeling worthless, feeling self-conscious or blaming yourself for things. Meanwhile, good self-esteem can look like valuing yourself as a person, being kind to yourself and feeling more confident.

In our social media age where young people especially are at risk of suffering with low self-esteem, there’s a real threat of people upholding these poor images of themselves as they progress through their adult lives. But whether you’re younger or a little older, everyone can be impacted – even if you’re not on social media. But with a few tweaks to your daily habits, you can learn to be kinder to yourself. It can take time and a lot of dedication, but you’ll never look back after feeling the benefits.

Recognise your best traits

Particularly when we have so many online platforms to compare ourselves to others, it’s easy to focus on areas that you’re less happy with. To help combat this, you could start by simply listing some of your best traits. Having a positive place to refer back to will be an invaluable tool if you’re ever feeling down. Sometimes, a little reminder of what makes you special, and why you’re so important to other people can help to completely shift your mindset and snap out of a negative rut.

Set goals

Sometimes, routine and setting goals can be helpful for our mental health and therefore our self-esteem. When done in a healthy manner, you can work towards goals such as exercising more to boost your endorphins or reading more to reduce your screen time. Little achievements like these can help build your self-identity while allowing you to spend quality time with yourself and others.

Practice self-care

Self-care can look like a variety of different things. While most associate it with running a bath or getting an early night, it can also look like treating yourself to a day out to your favourite venue or saving up for a luxury bra that you look and feel great in. Simple acts such as getting enough sleep, eating well and getting enough fresh air can all contribute to your overall self-esteem too. Being kind to yourself and your body can do more good than you might expect.

Build supportive relationships

Who you surround yourself with can be key to your self-esteem. After spending time with someone, do you feel as though your cup has been filled? Or do you feel drained? If somebody doesn’t make you feel good, it might be a sign that they’re not the best person to be around. You might consider spending less time with people like this and focus more on being with those who have your best interests at heart.