how to get the girl

How To Get The Girl

If you’re genuinely interested in how to ‘get’ the girl of your dreams, then read on. We’ve got the best tips for making that chemistry click with the member of the opposite sex.

Get To Know Her For Who She Is

Why not find out a little more about her interests? This could be as simple as asking her a few questions about her life and taking a genuine interest. Talk to her! This doesn’t need to be challenging, and can be as simple as making sure that you’re really and truly listening to what she has to say. If you seem engaged (and be genuine, why would you want to be with someone who doesn’t keep you on your toes?), then she will most likely appreciate this.

Is It All Written In The Stars?


If you run out of conversation, you can look for fun personality traits to see whether her astrological sign is right for her. Does she suit the traits said to be assigned to her at birth? Or is she wild and non-conformist? For example, a Gemini woman is said to be passionate for change, which is said to leave her restless and always wanting a challenge. She’s said to most suit dating Aries, Cancer, Gemini or Libra Men. Obviously, you don’t have to stick to this rigidly, but it’s always interesting to see if this rings true for your potential pairing – and then you can talk about this!

‘Sell Yourself’ At Your Best

You’re not a commodity, either, but a lot of the time, the way that you present yourself can make all the difference in successfully pursuing a relationship with a woman (or any love interest). Go with your strengths, and remember that these will not always be the things you think she wants to hear. Just talk openly and honestly, and be natural! In other words, be yourself (but just heed some advice)!

Get Over The Idea Of Being ‘Friendzoned’

You have probably heard the term, but the so-called ‘friend zone’ basically doesn’t exist. It’s a phrase that’s apparently been coined over the years by rejected men who somehow feel entitled to a woman. Nobody is ever entitled to another human being, and whilst rejection may well hurt, you can still take her friendship! If this woman is somebody you care about, her friendship is not a consolation prize. You may well have done everything ‘right’, and be a ‘nice guy’, but she still doesn’t have to go out with you if she doesn’t want to!

And that’s basically it. Not every girl needs to be showered with gifts, and not every girl is shallow. Good luck & we hope you enjoyed our guide!