How to increase conversions with marketing analytics software

Marketing analytics software, including call tracking, can help to understand the customer journey, to explore your marketing activity and results, and improve your website’s conversion rates.

With marketing analytics and user behaviour analytics, you can help map the whole customer journey, tracing their activity across different touchpoints.

This helps to understand the marketing channels which led to the initial time the customers accessed your website or called your business, so you can make the most out of your marketing budget.

But what else can be done to increase conversions with call tracking software?

Call tracking features

It’s important to briefly identify two of the call tracking features that can be used within your business.

Website call tracking – provides the marketing sources and key words callers used to find your website. By identifying these keywords, you can implement them into your digital marketing strategy to boost customer engagement.
Pay-per-click call tracking – identifies conversions from calls and clicks, allowing for an accurate and quicker display of your pay-per-click (PPC) ad performance.
Knowing the different call tracking features is important, but needs to be utilised accurately to improve conversions.

This is done by applying them practically, so here are some specific ways on how to boost conversions with call tracking software.

Call to action tracking

By setting up call to action reports as part of the user behaviour analytics, you can see how many calls you’ve received after a website visit.

This can be refined further to see which calls played a part in a completed action, such as using a live chat feature, for example.

You will then see how that event played its role in the completion of an action, in terms of first-click to last-click attribution.

Additionally, you can see which marketing campaigns drive the most actions, enabling you to understand and improve future campaigns, or invest in the best-performing ones, to drive more conversions.

Speech analytics

Speech analytics helps to identify key customer insights, which can boost the overall customer experience, whilst finding hidden opportunities to grow revenue.

This tool is extremely useful as you can identify first-hand your customers’ concerns and queries. You can then alter marketing campaigns based on these issues, to meet their needs – helping to cut wasted spend.

If customer needs are met, they are more likely to finalise an action, which will boost conversion rates for your website.

Phone call sources

By creating a call sources report, you’ll be able to see which channels, including different social media platforms, drive the most phone calls.

Calls usually convert at a higher rate, as customers are receiving personalised support, where queries can be answered more accurately.

By simply collating a sources report, you will soon recognise how to optimise online and offline marketing campaigns effectively and efficiently, to generate more phone call leads.

By combining these marketing analytics features, tools and reports, you can clearly identify and optimise what drives conversions for your business, whilst both satisfying the customer experience and your business’ requirements.