How to make the most out of travelling in retirement

How to make the most out of travelling in retirement

Travelling more is an ambition for many people in retirement, as they look to take advantage of extra spare time to see more of the world.

But how can you get the most out of travelling, while also ensuring you don’t eat into your funds that will help you live your life in comfort? Let’s take a look.

What are the benefits of travelling in retirement?

Staying active: Some retirees might find it difficult to keep active in retirement, but taking regular trips can help to combat this. Holiday activities such as walking and cycling are great ways to see your destination.
Make new friends: Getting out and about will put you in the same spot as like-minded people.
Mental benefits: Having trips to look forward to and arrange can give you good mental stimulation, while learning about your destination and what it has to offer can also improve things.
Build your bucket list

A key aspect of travelling in retirement is understanding where you want to go. If you can afford multiple trips a year, you may look to chase the sun and visit warmer climes when the UK winter strikes and stick to European destinations when the Northern Hemisphere warms up.

Some ideas for travel in retirement include:

USA road trip: Whether you take on the legendary Route 66 trip from coast to coast or another journey, moving from state to state can open your eyes to this vastly varied country.
Australia: A trip Down Under is something that many people might not have the time or finances to enjoy while working, so retirement offers a great opportunity to explore Australia or New Zealand and the different ways of life there.
The Northern Lights: Time is of the essence when looking to hunt the famous Aurora Borealis – in that you often need quite a bit of it. Travelling in retirement allows you to extend your break, giving you more time to catch the wonder in the sky.
Getting your finances in order

This is an important consideration for any retirement plans – and it’s often one that you should start looking at many years before you retire.

If travel is a big part of your wish list post-work, then making sure you have the money to both fund your trips and your everyday life is vital.

It’s likely that the bigger, more active trips will feature in the earlier portion of your retirement so having funds ready for that may be a factor. Lifetime mortgage schemes can provide you with a lump sum to help you fund these bucket-list trips shortly after retirement.

Small details that make a big difference

Travel insurance: Remember you should take out cover on a holiday as soon as you book it or commit substantial funds towards it. This way, you stand a better chance of recouping any money spent if there are issues before you travel – and you’ll also benefit from protection while you’re away.
Tracking devices: Small gadgets like the Apple AirTag can help you keep track of any key items such as luggage or smartphones – giving you information on their whereabouts if things get lost.
Vaccinations: If you’re venturing further afield, you may need vaccinations before you travel. Some need to be taken quite a long time in advance so they have long enough to take effect in your system.
Pack light: Gone are the days of hauling around a million different belongings for your kids. Now you can streamline everything to make getting around a doddle. If you’re travelling to multiple destinations and accommodations, this is especially useful as it makes it easier to pack up and go.