How to Throw a Successful Garden Party That Ends on Time

How to Throw a Successful Garden Party That Ends on Time

Summer is here, so garden party season has finally arrived; and many of us are excited to attend plenty of parties to embrace the warmer months.

On the other hand, when it comes to hosting, we are often faced with guests who overstay their welcome. But how can you politely ask your guests to leave so that the party ends on a good note?

Here, we delve into some of the tips and tricks for ending your party on time.

Start the celebrations early
The best time to start your party is at around 1 pm – serve up some snacks upon arrival of the guests that they can pick at throughout the day, and you could bring out the BBQ at around 4 for a feast. The earlier you start the party, the earlier it will finish. You can avoid having people hanging around later than you’d have hoped by simply starting earlier, and the food will keep their stomachs lined to prevent any drunken chaos. Plus, it may even give you some time to tidy up the leftover alcohol and gin mixers at the end of the night, as opposed to waking up in the morning with a mess to clear away.

Include an end-time in the invitations
Whether you’re opting for the formal route by handing out physical invitations or simply sending over a text, make sure you include the end time as well as the start time in the party details. Of course, the start time will allow your guests to plan their day before the party to ensure that they are punctual, with the exception of those who choose to arrive fashionably late. Thus, it only makes sense to include an end time, too, so your attendees have an idea of when to get going.

Finish with a speech
A closing speech is the perfect way to let your guests know that it’s the end of the night. Start off by reminding your guests that it is late, so you want to thank them for attending before they leave. This will undoubtedly have them checking their watches and tapping their phones to see what time it is. Once the shock is over of how fast the day has gone by, the taxis will be getting a call. For an extra touch, add in that you hope to do it again soon, as another hint that it’s home time.

Offer your guests food for the road
As if garden parties weren’t exciting enough, you’ve also got plenty of delicious food to look forward to, and you can use this to your advantage when you wish to end the party. Whether you’ve got leftover cake, brownies, or sausage rolls, your snacks will come in handy for the day after the party when your guests might have woken up a sore head. So, when you feel it’s time for everyone to go, ask your guests if they wish to take anything on their way out. Not only is it a kind gesture, but it will put the idea of some late-night snacks in the comfort of their own home into their heads.

Finding a way to ask your guests to leave can be difficult, as you certainly don’t want to appear rude. In this instance, there are several ways to drop some hints to end the party on a high if you wish to avoid being explicit in your request.