In celebration of National Aviation Day – Avi-8 Flyboy

Often referred to as “the founding fathers of American combat aviation,” yet few Americans know their names. The 38 pilots of the Lafayette Escadrille, who flew for France beginning in1916, before the United States entered World War I, were the very nucleus of the U.S. Army Air Service when it was formed in 1918.

In a homage to the Lafayette Escadrille, Avi-8 embraces the true essence of the “Flyboy” moniker. Young, brash, bold, reckless but heroic and deeply drawn by a sense of duty as much as adventure – it was indeed the few and the brave of the Lafayette that has given rise to the name that has become synonymous with the Avi-8 timepiece collection.

With a sensibly proportioned 43 mm case – the Flyboy has been designed to echo an early20th century pilot watch fused with the modern day functionality and precision of the Avi-8range. A solid 316 L stainless steel case is affixed with a beveled hardened mineral lens that subtly magnifies the dial.

With piston like pushers, and finely tuned shape – the case cradles impressive Japanese made Seiko precision sweep hand “meca-quartz” VK 64 chronograph with date movement capable of accurate split timing measurements and satisfying hand feel of a mechanical movement coupled with the reliability and day to day accuracy of a quartz.

The dial is perfectly proportioned well to give both balance and vintage appeal all while offering legibility and clarity in timing readout. Squelette Hour and minute hands work excellently to complete the Lafayette.

Strap with genuine leather underlining is handstitched with the famous colour of the French tricolore to pay another subtle tribute to the legend of Lafayette and the heroic band of roguish men from France and America who would comprise the epochal group of airmen.

This is a handsome, pilot inspired timepiece leaning on a heroic history yet utterly modern in performance and build.

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