Infinity Massage Thearpy Brighton

Infinity Massage Thearpy Brighton

My name is Harminder and I’m the owner of a small, local business called Infinity Massage Therapy which has just celebrated its two-year anniversary and expanded its services due to increasing demand.

In autumn 2019, I created Infinity Massage Therapy as a part-time business around my full-time job in sales. The goal was to build a client-base and reputation for the business as I wasn’t sure how smooth the transition would be from employed to self-employed. To be honest, it was a daunting thought as I had always been employed.

I worked in sales from the age of 25 to 38, starting in retail and working my way from business to business. However, this was never my calling and as the years went on I didn’t have the passion for my career and was very unhappy until one day I decided I NEEDED to make a change and take control of my life.

Friends and family had always said in the past that my massages were great, despite not having any formal training. I put it down to the fact that, from the ages of 5 to 16, I used to massage my dad regularly as in Indian culture this is common practice. So, I eventually decided I wanted to open a massage business as I’m a people person and engage well with those from all walks of life.

Once I had decided that this was what I wanted to pursue, I began a part-time massage qualification course with the YMCA. This was perfect as it allowed me to still work full-time whilst studying. The next few months were challenging as it was hard finding the ever-elusive work/life balance. However, focused and invested in the journey of reaching my goal, I persevered and thankfully my hard work paid off with the launch of Infinity Massage in autumn 2019.

As we all know, Covid-19 happened in spring 2020 and the world came to a standstill – as did my plans. I was on furlough for a few months before the company I worked for decided that they needed to make redundancies, which were expected. Luckily, I had been preparing for this by updating the Infinity Massage website and optimising it to have a good online presence. So, when the time came, I decided to take a very risky move and make my massage business full time – which in reflection was crazy! People were afraid to have contact with each other and there were multiple lockdowns, however, I did not want to work for someone else or go back to sales so I just went for it. To be honest it was a challenging year!

My savings, which intended for the business, were being used instead for my bills. Business was super slow when we were open, but it was enough to cover the expenses. However, the multiple lockdowns took their toll financially and by March 2021 I was down to my last bit of savings and considering going back to full-time employment.

Thankfully April 2021 happened and there was a big shift in the economy and people’s confidence with face-to-face services which massively helped my little business. Infinity Massage Therapy started to take off and in a short period, I’ve created a fantastic reputation/brand and have recently expanded with two part-time massage therapists who are amazing! I’m excited about what the future has in store and looking forward to growing the brand.

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