Interview Alex & Paris The Team Behind The Events Shooshh Brighton

Interview Alex & Paris The Team Behind The Events Shooshh Brighton

Shooshh is arguably Brighton’s best and most popular beach club. This famous venue spreads over 2 floors and boasts 3 rooms of music, contemporary interiors, and glitzy VIP Lounge Areas. Shooshh Brighton’s Artist Hotspot, features live Shows and sits only a stone’s throw away from Brighton Palace Pier.

The pandemic has left the club in need of revitalising, and with June 21 set as the potential date for a full lifting of restrictions, we meet the Shoosh management team to find out what they have planned for 2021, out of lockdown. We were not to be disappointed.

Late-night venues such as indoor nightclubs have been among the cultural organisations most severely impacted by the pandemic. The nighttime economy has suffered greatly due to COVID 19, and the sector is facing major challenges? Tell us about how your business has been affected.

Shooshh as a Nightclub has been closed since the 23rd March 2020 when the first national lockdown was announced.  At that time, all trade ceased instantly and completely. Guidelines were very unclear initially and for a long time we very unsure if we would be able to operate at all. In addition to our nightclubs, we also own and work alongside a number of high-profile events and festivals – all of which were canceled shortly after the March 23rd announcement. What was shaping up to be the biggest year in all of our careers was being taken from us day by day.
We refunded hundreds of thousands of tickets across a multitude of events, lost bookings, lost deposits, lost all revenue. We received no government support, and any applications we did make for help were rejected. With the rule of 6 and hospitality curfew introduced, our options became more and more limited, but we knew we had to create something new, something exciting, not only to keep our business afloat but to keep spirits high in truly unprecedented times. Sundown at Shooshh was born…“The UK’s First Real Sunset Experience”…

So, how do you run a socially distanced nightclub?

We are fortunate to have a large outdoor terrace – usually used for our Day Trade (Pub Style Food/Soft and Alcoholic Drinks 12pm-8pm every day) throughout the Summer Months. Our terrace sits right on the beach. So we redesigned and rebranded. Incorporating our tables, we offered the UK’s first Social But Distant Event. A fully Covid compliant nightclub experience – complete with Brighton sunset when it’s willing to perform!

Do you feel that reducing venue capacity would be an option for the re-openings?

We ran at a reduced capacity throughout the summer with our Socially Distanced Terrace and Tables on the Dance Floor and it seems a sensible approach still to be considered..

So, how do we maintain social distancing within a festival footprint? What parameters would you expect to ensure public health measures?

Alas, taking all the considerations that are required to ensure people’s well-being, we currently can’t foresee putting on a full-blown socially distanced festival, other than the autumn Boundary Festival.

Running a club or venue involves looking after folks that work in them too: actual staff, bartenders, musicians, DJs, security guards, engineers. How have you managed to retain them or what support have you provided?

All of our staff were placed under the government furlough scheme. Fortunately, we were able to retain 90% of our brilliant staff.

Let’s look at the cultural aspect and the youth culture. What impact may the pandemic have on the emerging generation of music lovers and party-goers?

From our recent event launches, we can maintain that the youth culture is more desperate than ever to be able to go out and socialise.
We have a whole generation of party-goers who became of age during the lockdown and are yet to experience a nightclub environment.
People are desperate for live music, outdoor and indoor events.
Therefore, we look very much forward to welcoming everybody back to our venues and getting the party reignited.
We are working on an exciting schedule for the rest of the year, so watch this space.

What are your predictions for nightlife for the club owners and venue operators after the pandemic?

We genuinely believe that any nightclub or nightclub operator that was fortunate enough to survive this pandemic will come out stronger.
The industry received very little or no support in some cases, and the saddest part of all of this is that there will be some who don’t make it back – the industry took a big hit.

With the customers’ behaviors changing and with more seeking more intimate lounges, bespoke experiences, and upscale restaurants, is it the end of traditional nightclubs or a new era?

This is a New Era of clubbing. People are desperate to experience the things they used to take for granted.

As Brighton is planning for Pride, do you foresee that the bars and indoor clubs will be open, and if so, in what capacity?

We are confident that Boris will follow through with his road map out of lockdown and from June the 21st we expect to be open at full capacity along with the rest of Brighton’s venues.

What special events have you got planned for Brighton in 2021?


  • Together Festival – Already Sold Out!
  • Jamie Jones
  • Cream
  • Richy Ahmed at (at the Arch)
  • Boiler Rooms
  • Noughty 90s Festival Newcastle
  • Opening a Brand New Seafront Venue – The IGLU
  • Relaunching The Arch with a complete refurb – Feat: Biggest Screen/Funktion 1 Sound System in Sussex.
  • Wtf – Brighton’s Craziest Student Nights
  • NexGen 14+ Events with a host of Artist Appearances
  • Runway Fridays
  • Glam Saturdays
  • Unity Club Nights – a clubbing experience for people with Learning Disabilities
  • Mambos Ibiza Brighton Seafront Takeover at Shooshh/the Arch
  • The Launch of our own Energy Drink (WnB Energy/Wicked N’ Bad Energy)
  • Wicked N’ Bad’s second PPV Fight (Our first one trended no.1 on Twitter in world)
  • Boundary Festival – 75% Sold Out!
  • Mi Soul Beach Party

Shooshh Brighton Super Club

The Arch Night Club

Boundary Festival

Wicked N Bad Events

Wtf Events

Brighton Rox

ABSOLUTE: It’s fantastic to see the energy and enthusiasm that Shoosh will bring back to Brighton’s much-needed lift. We all look forward to rejoining the party!