Band Interview: Paradolia

Band Interview: Paradolia

BAND NAME : Paradolia
Tilda Landehag – Vocals , Jake Hughes – Drums , Nick Hynes – Guitar ,Joe Dew – Bass, Ashleigh Blackledge – Keys
Paradolia is a collection of musicians taking the heart of funk and mind of psychedelic rock, the music dance with the legs of Hiphop and clap with the hands of Jazz. This music doesn’t just walk and talk, it jumps and shouts
HOMETOWN : Brighton

How, when, and why did the band form? How long have you been together?
Paradolia formed in January 2015 last year, we started writing very quickly as we already knew each other well since we all are studying together, we have been progressing fast during the last year and are so keen on the future.

What are the best assets and worst assets about the Brighton music scene, in your opinion?                                                                                                                                                The best asset in Brighton is that it is such a melting pot of musicians from all over the country, there is always music going on and new things to discover, which makes networking much easier and gig’s easier to get. It is so inspiring to be in such a vibrant city like Brighton. The worst asset is probably the same, as there is so many other musicians out there it can be hard to stick out from the masses and build a strong brand identity and following.

What is your favourite music venue to play in Brighton and why?
We really enjoyed to play at The Hope and Ruin, it is a small but intimate venue with a great location, central in the middle of town.
Who are your favourite upcoming Brighton Bands?
Our favorite upcoming bands must be: Fresh like Dexie , Normanton Street , Written in Waters and Kudu Blue.

What are you most looking forward to about playing Paddle Round The Pier this year?
We are looking forward to play at paddle around the pier because it will give us a chance to reach out to more people and share the music and love, It will be a great opportunity to share experiences with other bands and promoters, and to be playing alongside so many talented local bands will be a lot of fun.

Tell me, what else do you have coming up for 2016?
We are currently in the making of an 2 tracked single that will be recorded in the end of march and released in the end of April, We are also playing a show at the 30th of April location not confirmed yet, but must focus lies on getting the recordings done and mixed to be released in April.

We are working hard with the promotion of our single and have already started to film a music video that will have a lot of arty elements, we are collaborating with ‘Mother of pearl’ a Brighton based company focusing on visual art, light shows and projections and we are looking forward to the results.