Introducing STRYYK: All the Spirit, None of the Alcohol

Introducing STRYYK: All the Spirit, None of the Alcohol

The distilled non-alcoholic spirits brand for the new generation of partygoers

London, January 2021: Distilled and bottled in the UK, STRYYK™ is a London based non-alcoholic spirits brand featuring an impressive range of the highest quality alternative-alcohol options. STRYYK™ was the first brand to mimic the mainstream spirits and was meticulously developed for over two years in collaboration with top bartenders. The expert STRYYK™ team carefully reconstructed flavours of spiced rum, London dry gin and traditional vodka and created NOT G*N, NOT R*M and NOT VODKA, providing the best non-alcohol alternative without missing out on any of the flavour or notes and aroma’s – STRYYK™ truly has all of the sprit but none of the alcohol.

The carefully crafted STRYYK™ distillation process is 100% natural with no sugar, no fat, no carbs and no artificial flavouring, yet fueled with the unmissable vibrant and exciting taste you would expect from your traditional boozy drink of choice, making the switch from your favorite spirit to alcohol-free an easy one.

Whether you opt for a simple serve, classic cocktail or neat over ice, STRYYK™ provides a authentic drinking experience appealing to those looking to for an option with all the spirit and none of the alcohol.

Making it a STRYYK™ Night Out

STRYYK™ was one of the early innovators in non-alcoholic spirits, being one of the first to launch to market. The brand initially launched exclusively into bars and clubs and was one of the first to offer non-alcoholic STRYYK™ cocktails alongside the traditional offerings at top bars and restaurants, including London based Daisy Green Group, The Alchemist, Tonkotsu and the fashion set favorite, Caravan Group.

Chris Ammermann, Director of Operations of Caravan Group is one of the bars that can’t keep the brand in stock fast enough, “We launched STRYYK™ last year in all Caravan locations and have been blown away by how well it has performed since. Our guests love that we can now offer them a non-alcoholic cocktail as delicious as the cocktails on the rest of our menu, keeping them coming back for more.”

CEO and founder Alex Carlton explains, “We’re the spirit of friends coming together to experience more, and more often. With the new generation of partygoers choosing to drink less alcohol and sometimes none at all, STRYYK™ offers a zero-proof spirit which enables them to enjoy the drinks they love and stay in the moment, without compromising on taste, experience or calories.”

Being off the booze doesn’t mean that the fun needs to stop, or that you need to give up your favourite drinks – just STRYYK™ your night and party with all the spirit, but none of the alcohol!

Available now from Tesco, Ocado, Amazon &, from £18.