Is your zodiac sign to blame for your messy desk?

Is your zodiac sign to blame for your messy desk?

Whether you take pride in the setup of your workspace or you’re happy to let things slide, did you know that your zodiac sign can reveal a lot about your attitude towards your desk organisation?

The truth is, there’s no reason why your workstation should be anything other than perfectly neat and tidy. There are a whole host of storage options for you to choose from. For example, you can purchase cupboards, bookcases and filing cabinets from Furniture At Work and other online retailers.

However, if you’re looking for something to blame your messy desk on, read on to find out what your sign says about you…

The repeat offenders

For Aries and Gemini, organisation simply isn’t a priority. Instead, these signs like to take a more laid back approach, and it’s likely their desks are barely visible underneath a sea of paperwork, notebooks and Post-It notes.

Following suit are Leo and Aquarius. These signs like to have fun first and think about the mess later – or not think about it at all. Usually, their desks look a little chaotic at the beginning of the week, but things start to appear a tad more organised by mid-week.

The triers

As for Scorpio and Sagittarius, these signs like to try their best at being organised, but it doesn’t always pan out. In short, they’re hoarders, so even though they might look like they have their paperwork in order, the chances are they don’t actually need half of it.

Similarly, Libra and Cancer get a kick out of keeping their workspaces organised, but they like it to feel effortless. These signs are likely to have their documents colour-coded in such a way that it’s pleasing to the eye rather than actually serving any purpose.

The neat freaks

When it comes to office organisation, Virgo and Taurus put everyone else to shame. These two star signs are the neat freaks of astrology, following the mantra that everything should have its place. From over-the-top organised desk drawers to filing cabinets that have been arranged to complete perfection, Virgo and Taurus take pride in creating a neat, tidy and well-ordered workspace.

Falling not too far behind are Capricorn and Pisces. While they take great pride in the organisation of their spaces, these signs are most likely to get someone else to do it on their behalf.

For more fun facts about your zodiac sign, check out the ‘Organised Mess’ infographic from Furniture At Work.