Items You Should Always Keep in Your Car 

Items You Should Always Keep in Your Car
Being a responsible motorist means, among other things, being prepared for a range of eventualities. This means keeping a few select items to hand for emergencies. These are often the sorts of items that will keep for a long time, so you can perform this stocking-up operation as a one-off and then enjoy the benefits in perpetuity. If you should find yourself stranded, particularly in winter, then you may be glad that you did!

Let’s run through a few of these items.

Phone and charger
You’ll want to be able to contact help in an emergency – but having a charger in the car is often just convenient. Leave yours plugged into the USB socket.

Jumper cables
Jumper cables will allow you to get moving if your car runs out of battery. Make sure that you know how to use yours.

First-aid kit
If you should be involved in a collision, then first-aid might make a crucial difference. It can also come in handy even when there hasn’t been a collision.

Tyre pressure gauge
To get the best from your tyres, you’ll need to ensure they are adequately inflated. This often means keeping a gauge handy.

Spare tyre
A spare tyre often doesn’t come as standard on every vehicle. Confirm that yours does, or shop for a replacement. Make sure that your spare matches the other four. If you’re shopping for Pirelli tyres, for example, then pay a little extra for a fifth. Provided that you keep buying the same tyres, you can be sure that your spare will match.

Paper map
You can’t rely on the map on your phone all of the time. Sometimes, you might enter a part of the world where the GPS stops cooperating. You can find reliable dedicated GPS systems – but if you know that you’re going to be in a particular place for a given period, it pays to invest in a paper map. For example, if you’re going to be driving around the Isle of Skye for a week, then a map of the island will surely prove useful.

Engine oil
Oil is what helps your engine to run smoothly. Having a supply of it to hand will save you from having to shop around. Just a small bottle will keep you moving without encumbering the car.

Wiper fluid
Similarly, your wiper fluid reservoir will occasionally need to be replenished. Keep a bottle of the concentrate, and dilute it as required.

Extra coat and blanket
If you’re stranded out in winter, then a blanket might make a big difference to your comfort. Keep one to hand, under the front passenger seat.

You don’t want to rely on the torch on your phone. Doing so will drain the battery, on top of everything else. Get a proper torch and make sure that the batteries are included.

It can be useful to demonstrate who you are and where you’re going. This goes especially if you’re driving across national boundaries! Keep the appropriate documents in the glove compartment.