It’s been all about the shaggy dog stories this week for Bone Idol!

It’s been all about the shaggy dog stories this week for Bone Idol!

On Monday it was time to open up the dog grooming salon again after months of pandemic restrictions.

So what better way to celebrate than to get some cracking photographs of the hairy hounds before and after their trims!

Thank you to all of our brilliant doggy clients and their owners who took part.

Hilarity ensued at the amazing and much-needed transformations, and we were absolutely thrilled to spot the pictures in five national newspapers, as well as a string of websites including Fox News in the USA!


Yes, it’s that time of year again, the time to make sure that your pet is fully flea protected.

Obviously flea treatments should be administered all year round, but if there is a glitch in your routine it will never be more evident than in the Spring months (we have all been there).

But luckily there are things we can do to keep our pets itch free and ourselves sane.

It can be really confusing to know which flea treatment is the best option for your best friend as there are so many on the market.

There are also lots of conflicting views on the subject too, even among experts!

If you and your pet are scratching your heads about which methods are available to prevent and treat fleas, some of the leg work has been done for you to explain some of the options available in this handy, impartial online guide:

And finally, a giant thank you from all of us at Bone Idol, to the wonderful people in this area who have supported us, and other local businesses during this very difficult year.

We will never forget it!