It’s time to Experience Dubai again A Invite From Emirates.  

It’s Time To Experience Dubai Again A Invite From Emirates.

As Dubai opens its doors to welcome you again, we’re ready to fly you safely and securely to our home and onward to 40 more destinations.

You’ll find that your experience with us may be different this time as we’ve temporarily made changes to our products and services to maintain the strictest hygiene levels. You can learn more on about how we put your health and safety first on every part of your journey with us.

Enhanced Product & Services
We’ve modified our dining and drinks service to maintain the strictest levels of hygiene, including the packaging and presentation of food. We’ve also added dedicated cabin attendants to clean the lavatories every 45 minutes on flights over 1 hour 30 minutes.

Keeping you safe on board
While we’ve closed off social areas, we assure you that there is minimal risk of transmission on board. HEPA filters clean 99.97% of bacteria, viruses, dust and germs, while the air in the cabins is replaced every two to three minutes. However, it is mandatory to keep your masks on except while eating or drinking.

What to expect in Dubai
You will pass through thermal scanners at Dubai International airport. If you are not carrying a valid PCR test result, you will be required to undergo a test on arrival. The test may be repeated for those showing COVID-19 symptoms. Download the Covid-19 DXB Smart App for either iOS or Android and follow the precautionary measures in place in Dubai, including wearing face masks in public and maintaining social distancing rules.